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The Future Food System

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to visit @futurefoodsystem, and wow…đŸ˜± We really can’t put into words how unique this experience was. But we are feeling incredibly inspired, motivated, energised and optimistic about the future of our planet thanks to people like Joost Bakker (@joostbakker), Matt Stone (@chefmattstone) and Jo Barrett (@jobarrett), along with the endless businesses, people and teams who were a part of this vision. The Future Food System is a house that grows and breeds its own food and is an entirely zero-waste, closed-loop system. ✔

It’s an idea, as their mission statement illustrates, that is stolen from nature. đŸŒ±They have an aquaponic system with yabbies (who are breeding!) trout and mussels. They’ve got gardens surrounding the decks and the rooftop growing all different types of fruit & veg. They have snails, barramundi and crickets downstairs and even have a ‘Mush-room’ where they grow mushrooms with the help of the steam from their showers that is siphoned into the space.

Even down the light fittings, everything in the home has been made from recycled and sustainable materials. And can you believe that this epic venture is right in the middle of Melbourne in Federation Square? Yep! This is history in the making, ladies and gentlemen. We learnt so much yesterday and have soo much more to learn and do but are so excited by that prospect. This phenomenal team are at the forefront of sustainable living. Please give them a follow and check out what they’re doing because it’s up to us as a society to adopt these ideas and make them a reality at the end of the day. 

We also recorded a Suncoast Fresh Prodcast with Joost Bakker, see episode 42, and Jo Barrett, see episode 41.