Rooftop Garden

Savouring Seasonal Specialties through Urban Farming

In addition to our partnerships with local and interstate farmers, we take great pride in cultivating specialty produce on the rooftop of the Suncoast Fresh Warehouse in Brisbane. The garden boasts a delightful array of edible treasures, and as the seasons change across Australia, the garden’s offerings evolve accordingly, with a strong emphasis on seasonal growing.

This lush garden came to life through a collaborative effort with Future Wild. The brainchild behind it is Ellia Guy, the owner and founder, who not only conceptualised and designed the garden but also oversaw its development during the construction of their warehouse, alongside Director Graeme Twine. Ellia maintains the garden with her incredibly passionate team and grows edible produce, incorporating nature, biodiversity and urban agriculture into one! 

Want to see what’s growing up top? Join us for a garden tour or if you’re a current customer, we can send you the current rooftop and speciality produce list.

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A little bit about

Future Wild

Ellia Guy, the owner and founder, has always felt most at ease in outdoor settings. This inclination stems from her childhood spent predominantly outdoors, climbing trees, exploring the creeks in her hometown, and tending to the garden.

After completing her studies in environmental science and gaining experience in Europe, Ellia experienced homesickness for the landscapes of Australia. The rustle of the bush, the vast expanse of the open sky, and the chorus of birdsongs drew her back home.

Upon returning to Australia and working in the built environment sector, she realised that most landscaped areas in Australia offered little to no ecological functionality, habitat preservation, or biodiversity and rarely considered food production.

Then along came Future Wild—a venture that envisions cities transformed into a lush tapestry of edible gardens and native habitats. The future of landscaping design and conservation recognises the potential of previously neglected spaces such as barren concrete footpaths, abandoned parking lots, vacant verges, and backyards. Future Wild represents an active endeavour not to lament the loss of nature but to craft nature that could thrive.

Weird & Wonderful 

Speciality Buying Department

Suncoast Fresh boasts an entire buying department dedicated to Specialty Produce. Former Chef Tabitha Thomas leads this department, working closely with Graeme Twine (SCF Co-Director), and the Account Managers to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and bring innovative offerings to the table.

This distinctive approach fosters the cultivation of unique varieties, enriching biodiversity in the region and serving as a center for educating customers, employees, and the broader community, all in alignment with the Suncoast Fresh Mission, Just Cause and Values.

But the good news doesn’t end there! We also provide exclusive garden space where chefs can grow whatever they desire. Chefs have the opportunity to submit customised requests to accommodate their menu requirements!