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Episode #93

Raymond Capaldi

We loved this raw and honest chat with Scottish-born chef Raymond Capaldi (@raycapaldiconsultancy). He shared the highs and lows of life in the kitchen, opening up about his challenging youth and recounting some intense stories of the old-school kitchen culture in Scotland, complete with a few knocks to the head and car park scraps.

Ray’s impressive career includes prestigious spots like the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, the Park Lane Hotel in Hong Kong, the British Embassy in Moscow, and Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas.

Named 'Scottish Chef of the Year' in 1992, Ray is now a familiar face in Melbourne thanks to his time at the Sofitel cooking academy and his pie company, Wonder Pies (@wonderpiesmelb), which he runs with his beautiful wife, Jodie, who is Ray's ultimate right-hand women. This ep is a goodie, so tune in and enjoy!

Episode #92

Darren Robertson

We have 'a pretty epic' guest on the Prodcast (if you know you know)! Legend Darren Robertson (@darrenrobertsonfood) took a break from surfing and cooking up a storm on insta to join us for episode #92.  

Born and bred in the UK, Daz moved to Australia to work for Tetsuya Wakuda at the ripe age of 24. He is extremely passionate about sustainability and ethically farmed produce, which is part of the reason he started Three Blue Ducks (@threeblueducks) with a few of his other mates back in 2012. He aims to provide delicious food in a relaxed setting with that authentic paddock-to-plate feel. It was great to sit down and get his take on what's happening with the food industry at the moment. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Episode #91

Daniela Maiorano

Ciao Amici (hello friends)! This ep will leave you inspired and hungry for more! We have an incredible guest joining us for episode 91. Daniela Maiorano lives and breathes Italian food; it's literally in her DNA! Daniela is a fourth-generation chef from Abruzzo, Italy and grew up helping her Nonna roll gnocchi and helping her Dad in the family restaurant.
Food is her love language, and she's on a mission to share that love with everyone she meets. We can confirm we felt it as soon as we walked into her restaurant, Lilium and were greeted with the warmest hug. Passionate about old-school hospitality, Daniela makes having a meal an experience, no rushing, just pure enjoyment. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of her book. You're not going to want to miss this one. You know what to do. Sit back, relax and tune in. Enjoy! 

Episode #90

Grenville Snowdon | The French Garden

Oui Oui! We're going global. Welcome back to episode 90 of the Prodcast featuring Grenville Snowdon, one of the owners of The French Garden. The French Garden is a supplier of premium fresh produce in France and Italy, based in London's New Covent Garden Market and Paris's Rungis Market. So, if you've eaten at any of Britain's leading restaurants in the past 25 years, chances are you've enjoyed ingredients supplied by the man himself. 

In this episode, Grenville runs us through some of the  differences between the markets in Paris and London compared to our humble ones in Brisbane. He also shares an intriguing tale of one of his truck drivers' unexpected brush with the law! Don't miss out—tune in to episode #90 for more.

Episode #89

Martin Boetz | Short Grain

We were lucky to have Thai cuisine guru and owner of Short Grain (@shortgrainbymb) Martin Boetz (@martinboetz) in the hot seat for this weeks Prodcast ep! Marty's inventive Asian dishes and iconic restaurants Longrain in Melbourne and Sydney receive acclaim from diners worldwide. After 14 years with Longrain, he returned to Brissie to open Short Grain. 

In this episode, Marty details his time working under the mentorship of internationally acclaimed Thai expert David Thompson and how he discovered his love for Thai food and seasonal and unique produce. Get ready for some great stories in Prodcast #89. Enjoy! 

Episode #88

John Picone | Picone Exotics

Keen to learn more about exotic fruit? Well, we have the perfect guest - our friend John Picone, the co-owner of Picone Exotics Farm (@piconeexotics)! He's a walking encyclopedia when it comes to exotic fruits! John and his wife Lyndall grow over 300 varieties of tropical and subtropical fruits throughout the year, just a stone's throw away from Byron Bay.

In this ep, John gives us an audio tour of his exotic orchard and all the epic varieties he is growing. He also talks about his connection to his land and the sustainable methods they are practising. Tune in to episode #88, and enjoy!

Episode #87

Bob Harrington | Specialty Produce

Joining us on the mic all the way from San Diego, California, is Produce expert Bob Harrington (@bobatspecialtyproduce)! Bob is the president of Specialty Produce, a family-owned wholesale produce company in San Diego that's been serving the community since 1989. He is one of the most down to earth guys and accredits much of his success to his epic team. Specialty Produce is a culinary hub for chefs, foodies and retail consumers. So, basically the Suncoast Fresh of the States! 

While running this huge operation, Bob is also on what he refers to as his' 100-year' quest to discover and share everything he can about fruits and vegetables. In fact, he's tried just about all of them. Curious to know what his top pick is? You'll have to tune in to episode #87!

Episode #86

Mark Best

Welcome back, friends, to our first Prodcast episode of 2024! Who better to kick this season off than the incredible Mark Best (@markbest). While introductions may not be necessary, we'll give it our best shot!

Mark's catalogue of accolades and accomplishments is never-ending, from starring in the World's 50 best restaurant list to being crowned Chef of the Year a few years back in the annual Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. We also must mention his onscreen appearance on Netflix's 'The Final Table'! He's the Culinary Advisor at The Calile Hotel (@thecalilehotel), a Restaurateur, Chef, Author, Photographer and Media Presenter. Honestly, what can't he do?

Mark has a unique outlook on food and inspires many aspiring chefs. He is gifted in creating extraordinary dishes out of what are often thought to be 'ordinary' ingredients. Yes, we're talking about the famous parsnip ice cream! To hear more about this recipe and this amazing human, kick back, relax and tune in to episode 86 of the Suncoast Fresh Prodcast.

Episode #85

Brendan Pang

This episode was a long time coming!  We met Brendan (@brendan_pang) at the Good Food & Wine Show in 2022. From the moment we met him, it was like a match made in culinary heaven. You know when you meet someone, and you instantly think, "I need to be friends with this guy"? Well, that's exactly what happened. Brendan's charm, quick wit and genuine personality had us hooked faster than you can say "dumpling."

Born into a Mauritian Chinese family, this guy was practically raised in a kitchen filled with passionate foodies. And let's not forget his Grandmere, who carried down the sacred art of making lip-smacking dumplings. We're talking about generations of dumpling mastery here, guys!

In between all that cooking wizardry, Brendan decided to open his restaurant, and what else would he call it but "Bumplings"? (Brendan, dumplings...get it?!) Before setting up shop permanently in Fremantle, he dabbled in some pop-up ventures, and in the first four nights in 2014 he sold over 10,000 dumplings! This is when he knew he was truly onto something. So, without us revealing too much, hook into episode 85 of the Suncoast Fresh Prodcast. Enjoy! 

Episode #84

Chef Massimo Mele

In this week's episode, we're thrilled to chat with the dynamic @chefmassimomele. We met up with him at the delightful Peppina Restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania and learned all about his incredible journey. We were also lucky enough to secure a table for dinner, and oh my, Massimo and his team prepared a smorgasbord of delights, including artichokes grown and picked right from Massimo's garden at home. 

Massimo's culinary journey began during his formative years in Naples, Italy, where he learned the art of Italian cooking from his beloved Nonna. This is where it all started! We found it refreshing to hear about Massimo's experiences in the world of food, from his triumphs to challenges, and how he navigated life as a chef.

But Massimo is more than just a chef; he's a people person who forges connections with local farmers and loyal patrons. He's on a mission to rekindle the spirit of Italian cuisine and bring it to life, right at your table. So, instead of hiding in the kitchen, expect a warm hello from the chef himself. Join us for a flavourful episode where Chef Massimo Mele serves up a generous helping of passion, culinary excellence, and genuine hospitality. 

Episode #83

Tas White Asparagus | Richard & Tom

Welcome to Episode 81 of the Prodcast, where we dive into the fascinating world of Tasmanian White Asparagus. Join us as we unravel the story of 'Tasmanian White Asparagus,' a pioneering farm nestled in Brighton, Tasmania. Discover how Richard and Belinda Weston, alongside partners Tom Barham and Jenna Howlett, brought the premium European White Asparagus to Australia. This journey, inspired by European farming practices, is filled with fresh insights and innovation. Tune in for a taste of the extraordinary, available exclusively during the Australian spring from September to October.

Episode #82

Sergio Perera

Get ready to dive into the world of food, art, and celebrity nutrition with the multi-talented Sergio Perera. Join us as we explore his Spanish roots, culinary creativity, and star-studded clientele, including the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr, and Leonardo DiCaprio. From Spain to Japan to the cutting-edge kitchens of elBulli, Sergio's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Discover how this chef, artist, writer, and photographer continues to push culinary boundaries and inspire. Don't miss this conversation with a true culinary visionary!

Episode #81

Ollie Hansford

Dive into Episode 81 of the Prodcast, featuring the remarkable Ollie Hansford, aka @chef_ollie_ Join us as we traverse Ollie's culinary expedition, ignited by a childhood fascination with food. Starting with his family's pâté business, he refined his skills in Leicester and furthered his training at London's prestigious Westminster Kingsway College.

His journey encompasses Michelin-starred roles at Mallory Court and Morston Hall, followed by a leap to Australia. Hansford left his mark at Stokehouse across Brisbane and Melbourne, eventually becoming the Executive Chef in Brisbane and securing two coveted Chef's Hats. More recently, his inventive spirit has illuminated two of his former Brisbane ventures: Siffredi's and Rita's Tequila and Taqueria Bar. Tune in for a feast of insights and inspiration.

Episode #80

Esmè Atkinson | Shima Wasabi

It's time we told you something that may or may not blow your mind... Did you know the Wasabi in those green packets at sushi train isn't Wasabi? It's mainly horseradish, colouring, preservatives and lots of sugar. If you're yet to taste and cook with the real deal, you ought to do so. It's next level!

We recently took a trip to Tasmania with @shimpeiraikuni, the Head Chef of @sushi__room, to see @realshimawasabi - the only commercial Wasabi farm in Australia. We spoke to Esmè @tassiewasabifarmer and her passionate team about their high-quality Wasabi and sustainable farming! They use rainwater to water their crops and introduce species of good bugs to get the bad bugs, rather than relying solely on chemicals. The best part? You can use the entire Wasabi plant - leaf, flower, stem and root, making it a no-waste product.

Smack bang in the middle of the farm, we sat down and recorded this awesome Prodcast episode with Esmè and Shimpei. Tune in to episode #80 to learn more!

Episode #79

Mindy Woods

Jingi Wallah (welcome) back to the Prodcast! In this episode, we visited Karkalla in Byron Bay to have a yarn with Mindy Woods, a proud Bundjalung woman of the Widjabul Wia-bul clan. Mindy is passionate about connecting people to and celebrating Aboriginal culture through native and local food. Spoiler alert, this is exactly what she has achieved through her restaurant Karkalla.

Karkalla features locally sourced, seasonal and native indigenous ingredients and combines ancient food with modern flavours. Located in Byron Bay, a native food bowl, there is an abundance of amazing produce at their doorstep. Our First Nations people have an incredibly rich food culture, and it was great to hear some deadly stories from Mindy's childhood. If you're keen to hear them, sit back, relax and enjoy episode #79. It's a goodie!

Episode #78

Dan Trewartha

Can you imagine a place where you can go, completely unwind, relax and eat delicious food? Well, we found it! Tucked away in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, we give you Gaia Retreat & Spa, Australia's most-awarded boutique lifestyle wellness retreat.

We had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Head Chef Dan TrewarthaDan has a whopping 20+ years of experience working in several award-winning restaurants in Byron Bay. Every dish Dan creates for the guests is filled with creativity and passion. His food features the freshest ingredients from their onsite garden and local farms. Dan has a strong connection to nature and values seasonality and sustainability. The food scraps from his kitchen feed the beautiful lush gardens that feed the guests! Making the world go round with one veggie patch at a time. Dan accommodates the guests by catering to every dietary requirement under the sun.

When Dan isn't busy providing nourishment for the guests, he loves to surf and spend time with his family. Tune in to episode #78 to hear a few of his most interesting stories!

Episode #77

Elijah Holland

We were lucky enough to chat with a well-known Chef and Forager, Elijah Holland! Elijah is a modern-day hunter and gatherer. He's made his mark through his unique ability to forage and cook with wild ingredients from all over the world. He found his passion for food and foraging, with influences from his family and the beautiful surroundings. 

Elijah became a qualified chef at the age of 17, and at 21, he opened and part-owned The Powder Keg as Head Chef. His knack for finding unique local ingredients was recognised by Noma where he worked as Head Forager and Chef along with many other renowned establishments. But he didn't stop with Australia! He has worked all over the world and in some of the best restaurants in China.

Today, you'll find him working as the Executive Chef at Belongil Beach Italian in Byron Bay. It's safe to say, Elijah has packed a lifetime's worth of experience into only 30 years. We are so grateful to hear an insight into what he has achieved.

You can hear more about it too, in Prodcast episode #77. Tune in and enjoy. 

Episode #76

Charly Pretet

Sitting down with Charly Pretet, a celebrated Chef worldwide, was a pleasure! We felt incredibly aligned in our values and shared love for the earth, fresh produce and cooking. Born in France, after a successful career in hospitality in Paris, he moved to Australia in 2015.

Charly's love of good food, cooking and the great outdoors started when he was a little boy. He spent his childhood fishing, hunting, riding horses and growing organic vegetables on the family property on the West Coast of France.

Charly switched from fine dining to fire dining in 2020 during the pandemic. Inspired by the traditional Argentinian Asado barbecue method, he created Terra Firma Dining. You'll hear all about it in the first Prodcast of 2023, episode #76. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Oooh, and check out their epic photography here: @terra.firma.dining

Episode #75

Bernadette O'Shea

Bernadette O'Shea is a full-time champagne consultant and educator. She lives in Brisbane, enjoys a huge personal following of former and perennial students, and travels professionally throughout Australia and Champagne, France. We were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with her talking about all things bubbles and learnt so much.

Bernadette O’Shea has been saluted by France’s finest champagne makers and was knighted by the French Government for her exceptional palate, profound champagne knowledge, and the enthusiasm with which she imparts her skill.

She has been honoured in Australia since 1984, when she became the first non-professional woman to win the coveted Vin de Champagne Award, an award she currently co-judges.  She is an incredible individual and someone we are proud to call a dear friend. So, join in on the experience and tune in to Prodcast #74! Enjoy. 

Episode #74

Jocelyn Cross

We are lucky to have the world's most sought-after edible flowers right here at Suncoast Fresh. Our latest Prodcast features the founder and owner of Petite Ingredient, Jocelyn Cross. Over the years, we have been lucky enough to have a wonderful friendship with Jocelyn. She and her team abide by organic practices and grow their beautiful blooms in the Yarra Valley's volcanic soil, which offers the ideal substrate for healthy plants and prolific flowering. 


We chat with Jocelyn about all things flowers, the fantastic book she wrote alongside Mat Pember called Root to Bloom. Her strong self-belief and the challenges she has overcome in her life, professionally and personally. How her team has become her family, and so much more. So, grab yourself a cuppa or crack open a bevvo - it's Prodcast time. Tune in and enjoy! 

Episode #73

Paul Conroy

We caught up with Paul Conroy, CEO of FareShare Australia for Prodcast episode 73! FareShare rescues food from supermarkets, wholesalers, manufacturers and farmers and then cooks it into nutritious meals for people in need. Their Chefs and volunteers work hand in hand to cook thousands of meals. But what makes them so different? They recognised that people enduring food insecurity often don't eat every day. When they do, it's usually just one meal for the day, so FareShare does everything possible to make nutritious meals that boost physical and mental health. Why? Because we are what we eat and if it's only going to be one meal, it better be a good one, right?! The connection between food, mood and overall health and performance is astronomical. So without further or do, let's get into the episode where we chat to the legendary Paul. 

If this episode inspires you and you'd like to involved and volunteer, you can click here to visit their website or you check them out on Instagram at: @fareshare_australia

Episode #72

Ellia Guy

Future Wild creates epic culinary gardens for chefs. Owner and founder Ellia Guy has always been most comfortable outdoors. That is possibly a legacy of spending most of her childhood playing outside, climbing trees, and exploring the creeks around her childhood neighbourhood.

After studying Environmental Science and working in Europe, Ellia became homesick for Australian landscapes. The hum of the bush, the expansive, enlivening open sky, and the cacophony of birdsong brought her home. Working in the built environment field, Ellia realised that almost all landscapes designed and planted in Australia do little to consider ecological function, habitat, biodiversity and food production.

So, founding Future Wild was a no-brainer for Ellia! @future.wild is a business that envisions our cities transformed into a green mosaic of edible gardens and native habitat patches! Ellia is putting this vision into action and has installed (and maintains) a beautiful rooftop garden for Calile Hotel growing produce primarily for The Lobby Bar, as well as edible gardens for Howard Smith Wharves.

Keen to learn more? Tune in to Procast 72 to learn more about Ellia, Future Wild, urban and organic farming, our connection to growing food, and so much more!

Episode #71

Geoff Dance

If you struggle with bloating, acne, skin conditions or other gut related health issues then this is the episode for you! We had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with artisanal baker Geoff Dance, the face behind The Burleigh Baker. He let us in on all the secrets to making delicious and nutritious bakery treats your body will thank you for. We walked away feeling so empowered!

Having YEARS of experience in the grain and bread-making space, Geoff educated us on many big topics. We chatted about all things fermentation, gut health, nutrition and grain selection. He recounts his extensive travels and fills us in on the super cool story of how he got his sourdough starter all the way from France. Yes, it involved a toothpaste tube...Tune in and enjoy!

Episode #70

Graeme Stockdale 'BIG RED'

We took a trip to Lismore, New South Wales, a few months after two of the most historic floods engulfed the town, and we're lucky enough to speak to local legend Graeme Stockdale, who played a crucial part in getting things back to normal. Graeme cooked and fed thousands of Lismore locals with the help of his team at Stockpot Kitchen, plus a few nearby butches and producers that weren't within the affected areas.   

Everything was donated, including food, drinks, time, and more! The community support was second to none, with everyone facing the challenge together. Even still, Lismore was a bit of a ghost town when we visited, with shops still boarded up. We recorded Prodcast 70 in the Stockpot Kitchen, or what was left of it! We explored Graeme's favourite flavours, cooking methods, and his love for BBQs, burgers, birds, homemade hot sauces, and so much more. Crack a beer or pour yourself a cuppa. Tune in now and enjoy! 

Episode #69

Jim Fuller

@jimboilsmushrooms Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer at @fablefoodco

Jim grew up as a BBQ lovin’ whiskey swillin’ Texan. He began his career as a fine dining chef 21 years ago in Texas, USA. Jim went on to study Chemical Engineering and Agricultural Science before embarking on a career as a Mycologist (Mushroom Scientist). Jim has 15 years’ experience in cultivating culinary, exotic and medicinal mushrooms. Combining his unique knowledge of mushrooms, chemical engineering, nutritional science with his expertise as a chef and a mushroom farmer, Jim heads up research and development at Fable, where he has forged new ground in the meat alternative market with Fable’s delicious meaty food made from mushrooms. Jim shares a heap of awesome stories in Prodcast 69. Enjoy!

Episode #68

Andrew Ballard

Ayyyoo! This year, we've had a pretty intense start at Suncoast Fresh with multiple floods and ongoing pandemic-related issues, which ultimately led us to start the Prodcast a little later than anticipated. But we have missed it so much and are soo keen for an epic season as we have some incredible guests lined up. So if you are new, hola, and if you've been here all along, 'ello poppet. This Prodcast features a collection of stories from industry experts, local legends, food critics, business owners and more!

So without further or do, drum roll please, the first Prodcast of the season in 2022 is with Andrew Ballard! Andrew is a humble, genuine chef full of creativity - a complete rockstar who flies under the radar. He has championed more than one competition and recently took out the 2021 Australian Professional Chef of The Year, Foodservice Australia! Andrew was also selected to represent his home country of New Zealand in the Bocuse D'or in Lyon, France. This competition was the brainchild of famed French chef Paul Bocuse and is considered to be the Olympics for chefs. 

So you could say this legend knows a thing or two. So grab a bevvie or pour yourself a cuppa. This one is a goodie!

Episode #67

Peter Kuruvita

In Prodcast 67, we caught up with Peter Kuruvita and were blown away by his beautiful outlook on life and genuine energy. Peter is an award-winning chef and restauranteur, TV presenter, author, industry speaker tour guide, food & beverage consultant and a true legend.

He walks us through his extraordinary life featuring his upbringing and vibrant family history, cooking with his family and his first job in the kitchen. He speaks passionately of the beautiful ingredients hidden all over Sri Lanka and their unique significance, his memorable trips to Fiji and ooohhh so much more.

This is actually our last Prodcast of 2021! We had the most memorable time getting to know every single one of our guests and feel so fortunate to be able to listen to the incredible stories shared by all. Whether you're a chef, friend, farmer, supplier, industry expert or local legend, we learnt something new each Prodcast and hope you did too! We will kick off the 2022 season in Feb!

Episode #66

Kelvin Andrews

In Prodcast 66, we caught up with with Kelvin Andrews. He has a rich culinary history and has scattered his spice across several mouth-water sensations like Nineteen at The Star, The Fish House, Hellenika and SK Steak & Oyster. We learnt more about how he got into cooking, how his career progressed, his experience travelling and working abroad, and so much more. Alongside his business partners, Simon Gloftis and Theo Kampolis, Kelvin is preparing for the launch of two restaurants coming to the forefront of our tastebuds in early 2022. So be on the lookout for Sunshine and The Sushi Room; they're going to be epic. Catch all the details in episode 66. Enjoy!

Episode #65

Snow Chef

When two wild worlds collide, you get a cyclone of fun balanced with food, travel, videography and so much more. Justin and John (@snow_chef) are two legends we had the privilege to chat with recently, and it honestly felt like we'd known these guys for a lifetime. They're truly genuine human beings who possess an infectious and charismatic energy. Justin and John (up until our mate rona came in) travelled the globe, met like-minded chefs, cooked and ate some scrumptious food and filmed everything along the way.

In Prodcast 65, we dove deep into their lives of being Snow Chef's, what they're trying to create with the hopes to travel and work around the world, a few epic untold stories featuring incredible locations like Japan, how they connect with brands on their trips, how they work together and what each of them brings to the table to make such a great duo. Now, that rona is slowly but surely making its way out, and international travel is soon becoming a thing they'll be back on the road in no time. Listen in to find out what's next for the guys. Enjoy! 

Episode #64

Laura Sharrad

In Prodcast 64, we sat down with Season Six MasterChef runner up Laura Sharrad! Laura's earliest memory of food is at the ripe age of four when she learnt how to make gnocchi, her first-ever dish! After that, she regularly sat on the kitchen benches, watching and helping her nonna's cook and trying every dish along the way. 

She was lucky enough to live a beautiful life surrounded by her heritage and learnt all the secrets to Italian cooking, some of which are revealed in this very Prodcast! We took a gondola through her life, learning about her fruitful upbringing, her fond memories of living in Italy, her short but sweet stint at uni studying teaching, how she applied for MasterChef and when she got that incredible call back to be on the show at just 18. 

We then went into the details of the show, talking about a few behind the scenes moments, how her career flourished after the show and so much more. So, as always, sit back, relax and tune in - enjoy! Link in bio. 

Episode #63

Dominique Rizzo

We had the lovely opportunity to sit down with chef, author, food advocate and presenter Dominique Rizzo while away for the @tasteportdouglas festival. Dominique is one of Queensland's leading female chefs who has been within the business of food for over 30 years. She launched her career with a memorable stint on Ready Steady Cook, and from there, took life by the reins, crafting a beautiful story full of tasty flavours and good times. We chatted in detail about the strategies she uses to balance life, her general ethos behind the beautiful dishes she creates, how confidence changes the way you cook in the kitchen, her renowned Food Tours and Travel Experiences (that you can be a part of!), her fantastic cookbooks and last but not least her NEW Cooking School! We had a blast getting to know Dominique, and we think you will too. Listen now and enjoy! 

Episode #62

Alastair McLeod

As I live and breathe! The next Suncoast Fresh Prodcast is with the brilliant Alastair McLeod. He is an absolute legend and someone we're proud to call a dear friend. A committed family man, a cook, the best MC you'll ever come across, a television personality, and last but not least, the Al'FreshCo Catering founder. Alastair McLeod was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, trained classically in Europe, and then worked his way around the globe, working in several Michelin Star restaurants. He now resides in Brisbane, living a conscious life, ensuring he is treading lightly on this earth. 

We caught up with Alastair at the Taste Port Douglas  festival and dug deep into his life and how his career progressed. He tells us stories about his remarkably talented family, speaks about his ethos behind his catering business and so much more. So you know what to do. Sit back, relax and tune in. Enjoy!

Episode #61

Carolyne Helmy

We were lucky enough to visit @thestargoldcoast, where we recorded a Prodcast with Carolyne Helmy, the Chef de Cuisine at the Sovereign, in The Star. Carolyn moved to the Gold Coast in 2008 and since then has been the mastermind behind the culinary offering of the property's luxury suite hotel, The Darling. 

Initially, she found herself in the corporate world of communication and acquired her Bachelor of Business Communications and a Master in Corporate Communication at Bond University. However, it wasn't until a San Diego trip where she found herself surrounded by beautiful food and culinary entrepreneurs that she wanted to leap into cooking.

She now leads a team of over 20 chefs and stands tall for all women in leading positions within the kitchen worldwide. Carolyn is a captivating individual who is incredibly genuine and warm. Her food is next level and we loved every moment of this Prodcast. If you would like to learn more about how Carolyne got to where she is today, sit back, relax and tune in! Enjoy.

Episode #60

Spencer Patrick

Episode 60 has hit the decks with Spencer Patrick! He began his career in the 90s, where he was trained by British chef, restaurateur, and TV personality Marco Pierre White, his ultimate dream! His next leap led him to The Café Royal Grill Room in Piccadilly, where he was Head Chef and awarded a Michelin Star at the ripe age of 26. 

Born and bred in Leicestershire, England, Spencer came to Australia in 2008 to pursue a new adventure, and this was the best decision he ever made because Reina came into his life, his beautiful wife. They now find themselves in Port Douglas at their very own restaurant called Harrisons, named after their firstborn son. Oh, and they're even organising Taste Port Douglas, where they're welcoming some of Australia's best chefs and industry experts. This festival is a foodies dream and we're so excited to attend in October. 

It was an absolute joy to crack some beers and learn more about Spencer and his incredible career. To hear more about all the achievements and stops in between, tune in to episode 60 on the Suncoast Fresh Proadcast. Enjoy! 

To find out more about Taste Port Douglas, head to www.tasteportdouglas.com.au 

Episode #58

Oscar Solomon

Here we gooo! Oscar Solomon is next off the rank for our Suncoast Fresh Prodcast. It was an absolute pleasure talking to him and learning more about his story. His career progression is a little different to your typical chef. He started as a designer studying graphic design and textiles and even started a fashion label with a friend in his early 20s. 

Soon after that, he launched himself into cooking and discovered his true passion. He now finds himself as Head Chef at an INCREDIBLE Japanese restaurant along Howard Smith Wharfs called Yoko. @yokodining Their menu is second to none and everything you eat is of the absolute best quality and freshness, especially the produce. 

We chat about how to keep it fun in the kitchen, hierarchical practices in business, owning your mistakes, training your staff rather than blaming them, how art and design influences his approach to food, his favourite books, the challenge of dietary requirements in the kitchen, how social media is embedded in what he does and ohhh so much more. So what are ya waiting for? Take a break, sit back, relax and tune in!

Episode #57

Cordell Khoury

What's the secret to a pumping Italian restaurant? Well, well, well, wouldn't you like to know! We had an awesome chat with Cordell Khoury, the head chef and co-owner of @beccofinoteneriffe, @juliuspizzeria and @barbrutusbne, and he may have just let us in on the secret...

The collective success between the establishments has been astronomical. It's the type of pizza and pasta you'd eat even if you were gluten intolerant because the pain is so worth the gain. So, if you haven't been to Beccofino and tried their famous Duck Ragu pasta or even their classic Calamari, you'll need to get their asap. Or perhaps, you'd be keen for a few drinks at Brutus!? In Prodast 57, we chat with Cordell about how his career progressed, why keeping things consistent matters, his annual trips to Italy & the US and how that influences their approach, plus so much more. Crack a bevvy or pour yourself a cuppa and tune in!

Episode #56

Brendon Hoyle

We were lucky enough to visit humble farmers Brendon and Ash Hoyle from Ashbern Farms right near the Glass House Mountains. We felt so welcomed by team and loved every moment of it. We had a tour of the farm, got acquainted with the fastest pickers in Aus and, of course, recorded episode #56 with Brendon on the Suncoast Fresh Prodcast. We discuss the perfect strawberry, soil health, challenges, successes, organics, breeding, sustainable practices, biological control, food waste, farm history, innovations and how things have evolved.

Each piece of produce is different, and it's imperative to recognise how much work goes into that perfect product. In peak periods, pickers work from sun up to sundown, and growers spend immense amounts of time perfecting soil health, maximising yield, testing varieties, managing pests and disease, and so much more. It was a privilege to learn about the intensive work that goes into it all. We really do appreciate our farmers and suppliers who put in the effort and time to do things right. Tune in to learn more.

Episode #54

Dean Harrison

Can you imagine swimming with dolphins on your lunch break? Can you imagine travelling to the most beautiful spots around the world while working? Our latest Prodcast guest, Dean Harrison (@theyachtchef) does precisely that. For the last 12 years, Dean has combined his passion for cooking with his love for the ocean, working and living on superyachts, and loving every single moment. Tune in to learn more about how Dean got the opportunity to cook for the rich and famous. His first-hand experiences that led him to feel concerned about ocean health, his fun travel experiences, the yachting community he has created, his next big project, plus so much more. You know what to do. Crack a beer, pour wine, relax and tune in! You're going to love this one.

Episode #53

Tony Kelly

In Prodcast 53, we sat down with Tony Kelly, a Chef, Restaurateur and Consultant. He is the mastermind behind some of the best places to eat and drink around the Sunny Coast and Australia. Rice Boi, Market Bistro, Giddy Geisha, Hello Harry and Spero are just a few of his flavourful creations. It's almost as if he has perfected the blueprint to a flourishing food-based business. In fact, we think he has!

We get into the thick of what it takes to attract and keep skilled and passionate employees, how he launched a multitude of successful companies, his career progression, challenges, successes, family life and so much more. Whether you're at the start of a hospo career eager to learn or you're a mature and skilled chef who is looking to develop even further, we believe you'll get a lot out of this Prodcast! Listen in and enjoy.

Episode #52

Julian Mitchell

Can mushrooms extracts enhance human potential? We'll let you be the judge! In Prodcast 52, we took a trip to Byron Bay to catch up with the co-founder of @lifecykel Julian Mitchell @julianmitchelllc

Life Cykel began in 2015 when Julian and his business partner Ryan Creed discovered that mushrooms could grow and thrive in urban environments with the help of agricultural waste like coffee grounds. Life Cykel has caught global attention, and with 107K followers on Instagram and an incredibly engaged community, we thought it was worth checking out.

Julian speaks about health, wellness, mushroom extracts like Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Reishi and Shiitake. The research and studies surrounding these mushrooms and the legitimacy, the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness, what life will be like in 200 years, UFC fighters, Olympic runners, steep learning curves in businesses, mushroom forages in Alaska, and so much more. You know what to do, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Episode #51

Mal Meiers

Mal Meiers @malmeiers has travelled worldwide, perfecting his craft as a Chef, and in the process established 14 Food + Wine Pop-Ups across Europe with his beautiful wife Kate @katekettlekettle We enjoyed getting to know him in episode 51 on the Prodcast where learnt about his Food For Thought Charity Dinners, which successfully raised awareness for mental health within the hospitality industry and beyond, his career, family life, challenges, achievements and what he's doing right now. Mal, his wife Kate and chef Tabitha Thomson @tabsthomson have teamed up to bring the Food + Wine Pop Up Events to Brisbane. We'll be attending their very first event this Sunday and we can't wait! You know what to do, put the kettle on and pour yourself a cuppa and tune in. If you're keen to learn more about the event check out their instagram for more details @foodwinepopup


Episode #50

Angela Pennefather

We've made it to episode 50, and oh, what a fantastic journey this has been so far! Today, we were lucky enough to sit down with Angela Pennefather @fuzzyangel and were blown away by her integrity, strength, enthusiasm, passion and grit. She has lived a life different from anyone we've featured on the Prodcast, and we've got to say, you're in for a treat! Ange is a Superyacht Agent, Melanesian Expedition Leader, Cultural Guide, Food Providor, Executive Chef and the owner of Pacific Provisions @pacific.provisions and Melanesian Luxury Yachts @melanesianyachts

We delve into how Ange runs her business with social consciousness and empowers families in the South Pacific through education and employment. We chat about how she has grown throughout her career and life, Melanesian culture, a few funny stories (one where a volcano erupted!), and a whole lot more. We sure know she will be back for part two as there is so much more we can chat and learn about. Crack a beer or pour a glass of wine. You know the drill, listen in and enjoy!

Episode #49

Nathan Dunnell - Balancing Business and Babies

Two beautiful babies and two highly successful businesses, all within a couple of years. What is the secret behind this balancing act?

We recently sat down for a chat with well-respected Chef Nathan Dunnell. @nathandunnell He and his wife Freya, own and manage @elskarestaurant - a fine dining restaurant located in New Farm, Brisbane, booked out for months in advance. 

A couple of years ago, he and Freya opened a breakfast cafe in Wilston. This was a short but sweet stint because before long, the couple were itching for more, and then the idea of Elska was born.

Opening one restaurant is hard enough, so launching another with a few babies thrown in the mix seems unimaginable. How did the dynamic duo do it? What does it take? Listen in to find out.

Episode #48

Alex Xinis

Once upon a time, Mr Xinis washed his chef whites in a bathtub in Athens because he didn't have a washing machine. Now, he is back living in Australia, working as Executive Chef of Nostimo Restaurant and Bar in the Greek Club. Oh, and he has a washing machine now. It's crazy to think where we start to where we go! Life has a funny way of leading us on a journey and it's almost like the universe knows our destiny before we do. Alex's story is no different to this. In fact, as a baby, he was christened at the Greek Club. Can you believe that?!

Alex has a vast knowledge of traditional Greek Cuisine thanks to the influence of his mother and grandfather and his experience cooking throughout a range of different establishments, spending a lot of his time in Melbourne, where the largest Greek population live outside of Greece. 

We were fortunate enough to sit down with him and learn a little about it, plus enjoyed a delicious lunch at Nostimo. It's a must-do if you haven't already. Anyway, enough chat -  listen in and enjoy! 

Episode #47

Buck's Farm

What would you do if you found over 350+ weed plants on your property? One morning that was exactly what Gerard Buchanan (Buck) found on his farm near Chillingham, New South Wales. Buck brought the farm when he was just 19 and since then has been growing all different types of tropical and native produce featuring things like Finger Limes, Lemon Aspen, Kaffir Limes and Leaves, Yuzu, Buddha's Hands, Davidson Plums, Lemon Myrtle, Strawberry Gum, Curry Leaves, Mangoes and Beatle Leaf, just to name a few. Buck's Farm is a stone throw away from Mount Warning - a historic volcano that erupted over 23 million years ago, leaving behind nutrient-dense, rich, red soil that grows the best produce you've ever tasted. We've been working with Buck for years now and are proud to represent his products as they're local, tasty, and Buck and his wife Anne genuinely do the right thing by the environment and wildlife within their area. Did Buck smoke it or chuck it? Listen in to find out and hear a few other cracking stories on the way. Enjoy! 

Episode #46

Mark Labrooy

Mark Labrooy @markthreeblueducks began cooking when he was only 16, and from that point, began perfecting his craft. Labrooy is among six entrepreneurs who manage and run the Three Blue Ducks @threeblueducks, six cafes spread across Bronte, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Rosebery, Melbourne and Nimbo. Aside from cooking, Labrooy has many hobbies and, at one point, was among the top sixteen individuals in the country competing in motorbike racing. Other hobbies include snowboarding, spearfishing, surfing, diving and hunting. We go back to our roots and talk a lot about work-life balance, family, cooking over the fire, hunting and gathering and loads more. Listen in to find out what the motley crew of the Three Blue Ducks is up to next. You know what to do - sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Episode #45

David Moyle

We were lucky enough to record a Prodcast with self-proclaimed punk hippy David Moyle @moyle_david On his journey as a Chef to find beautifully wild produce, poultry, seafood and all the spices in between, David has lived in Tasmania, Melbourne and Byron Bay. David now resides in Byron Bay, managing and running Harvest @harvestnewrybar and Barrio @barriobyronbay. In Episode 45, we speak about the hospitality industry, referencing motivation in the kitchen, structure, discipline, kitchen culture, sustainability, education and more. We have a few laughs and just a straight-up great chat. We know you're going to love this one. Crack a beer, sit back, listen in and enjoy. 

Episode #44

Daniel Mackay

Daniel Mackay 🍌🍌 @danielnmackay is Managing Director of fourth-generation farming business Mackays Bananas. His grandfather originally started the first-ever banana farm in North Queensland back in 1945 on a small plot by the beach, and since then, it has gone from one success to the next. However, like all farms, they have dealt with their challenges. In today's Prodcast, we delve into how it all began for Mackay Bananas, the achievements, hardships, the growing and breeding processes, and all the bits in between. We recorded this before the recent cyclone up in North Queensland, but you'll be glad to know that Daniel, his family and the farms made it through. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Episode #43

Richard Mohan

We sat down with Richard Mohan, also known as 'the pepper dude', and it was an absolute joy. Richard is our primary supplier of peppers and grows 16 different varieties from all over the world. When we arrived at his farm on the Sunshine Coast we were greeted by the whole family, including dogs, cows, cats and more. It was insanely beautiful, and although we were only an hour or so from Brisbane, it felt like we had just stepped into an entirely new place. It was lush green and super peaceful. Richard himself is an incredible guy. Someone we call a friend. It was lovely to sit down and talk about all things peppers and learn a little more about Richard's story. You know the drill! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Episode #42

Joost Bakker

The second Prodcast of the 2021 Suncoast series is here! We were lucky enough to speak with the artist and environmental enthusiast Joost Bakker. We were blown away by his creativity, passion and knowledge in all areas of life. He began as a florist who was installing floral designs in restaurants. Then, before he knew it, he was designing closed-loop/zero-waste cafes and restaurants while launching epic art exhibitions. Now, you'll find Joost at the Future Food System with Jo Barrett and Matt Stone. In the middle of Melbourne in Federation Square, this home and dining experience is at the forefront of sustainability. Listen in to learn about Joost's fondest memories, the influential moments that shaped him as a person and how his career has evolved...Oh, and a couple of good party stories! Not one for the kids. We think you're going to love it. Enjoy!

Episode #41

Jo Barrett

To kick off the Suncoast Prodcast series for 2021, we caught up with our dear friend and the incredibly talented Chef, Jo Barrett! She is currently living in the Future Food System home located right in Melbourne's centre in Federation Square. The Future Food System grows and breeds its own food and is an entirely zero-waste, closed-loop system. She helped build the self-sufficient property with her partner & distinguished Chef Matt Stone and artist & environmental enthusiast Joost Bakker. Jo goes into details about her upbringing and early stages of her career, her rigorous yet rewarding stint as a baker, her ethos for sustainability and indigenous ingredients, her fantastic experience working in places like MoVida, Brothl and Oakridge Wines, and all the bits in between. Enjoy!

Episode #40

Cameron Matthews

We couldn't have chosen a better candidate to finish off the Suncoast Prodcast Series for 2020! We spoke with Cameron Matthews the day before he opened his pop-up restaurant named Winston, located at Wasabi in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. He is well known for his Spicers' stint where he began as Head Chef and soon after stepped into the General Manager/Executive Chef role, achieving a position amongst the Senior Management team. In 2017, he applied for a Churchill fellowship and got it! He embarked on an adventure to collect new knowledge and experiences throughout restaurants in Spain, the USA, Denmark and the UK. In the end, he wrote a distinguished thesis that gave the word sustainability a whole new meaning in the kitchen. And no, he didn't just write about recycling. We will let you listen to the Prodcast before we tell you too much. Sit back, relax, listen in and enjoy!

Episode #39

Uday Huja

The man, the myth, the legend. Wow. We were blown away with the incredible life stories Uday Huja had to share in Prodcast #39. Mr Huja is the Executive Chef of Nineteen at The Star on the Gold Coast, which was recently awarded the Best Hotel Restaurant in Australia! He has worked alongside some of the best chefs in the world in locations like Vegas, Texas, Australia and beyond. His knowledge and experience in food even led him to cook for former US President Barak Obama in 2009. Although he has achieved a lot in his lifetime, his humble manner would suggest otherwise. He doesn't believe in over complicating dishes. He believes dishes have one main ingredient and the rest are merely accompanying ingredients that accentuate the main player. There is a lot more to learn about Uday so sit back relax and listen in. Enjoy!

Episode #38

Jason Saxby

It was a breath of fresh air to sit down with the legend himself, Jason Saxby, Executive Chef at Raes in Byron Bay! We felt honoured to listen to the stories Jason has collected over his lifetime, including how he trekked through the cold snow in canvas vans, his business adventures, his learnings, ethos, and oh, so much more. We even got a taste of their signature Lobster Roll and Oh.My.God. Get there and try it if you like seafood, it's a real winner. Nevertheless, sit back, relax, listen in and enjoy!

Episode #37

Brendon Barker

It was a pleasure to sit down with Brendon Barker, Executive Chef and part-owner of two incredible restaurants here in Brisbane - Madame Wu on Eagle Street and Chu The Phat in West End! As we delved into the Prodcast, it became obvious that Brendon's travel and life experiences are what shapes his mouth-watering dishes. Sourcing inspiration from places like the Rusty's Market in Cairns, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Korea, to name a few. We go back in time to learn a little more about Brendon's life and how it all started, how the menus evolve as flavours do, and the challenges the food industry presents for him and his team. Listen in, sit back and enjoy!

Episode #36

Ben Williamson

Prodcast #36 is with Ben Williamson, Co-owner and Head Chef of the newly launched restaurant, Agnes. Most known for his 6-year stint at Gerad's Bistro, Ben has a world of knowledge when it comes to sensational food. On entering the sleek and sexy Agnes, we felt this cool and calm energy, immediately understanding why the place was booked out 6 months in advance. Ben shares the nitty-gritty of how Agnes was born, a few of their creative cooking and prepping processes and how he with his team got through COVID-19 with their extremely successful pop-up bakery. Go crack open a beer or pour yourself a wine, sit down, relax and enjoy!

Episode #35

Ben Devlin

What a privilege it was to sit down with the logical Mr Devlin. He's worked with Noma in Copenhagen and Paper Daisy a little closer to home in Cabarita Beach NSW. Since then, Ben and his wife Yen have opened a little piece of paradise in Postville called Pipit. Oh, and while they were at it, they had their baby girl Penny! He has an authentic way of telling his story, which is realistic and relatable. He shares a few notable life experiences, his day-to-day life, the skill of juggling work with family, and the importance of interpersonal skills. Wow, what a Prodcast, enjoy!

Episode #34

Jake Nicolson

In episode 34, we caught up with Jake Nicolson, Executive Chef working within the Ghanem Group. Among this group, you'll find some of Brisbane's most popular restaurants. Donna Chang, Blackbird Grill & Bar, Byblos Bar & Restaurant and the Boom Boom Room, to name a few. Jake is a self-proclaimed countryman who has loved cooking from a very young age. From working in Michelin 3-star restaurant, El Bulli in Spain, to earning a spot on the panel of judges for the Delicious Produce Awards. You could say he has achieved a lot in his lifetime. We honestly could have sat there all day and listened to his wonderful stories. We think you're going to like this one, enjoy!

Episode #33

Anooska Tucker-Evans

Food Journalists go to incredible lengths to keep their anonymity, creating aliases and fake OpenTable accounts to make reservations. We’ve hidden her identity to give her a head start. Anooska was born with a foodie’s palette, as a kid, her favourite breakfast was toast with påte or soft cheese, and she fulfilled her destiny landing her dream job as food writer for the Courier Mail at 24. Anooska shares with us some secrets about what she’s looking for when she reviews a restaurant, why you shouldn’t be afraid when she walks in the door, horror stories and tips for success. This Prodcast looks at the industry from a fascinating perspective, and we think you’re going to get a few hot tips from this one. Enjoy!

Episode #32

Laurie Marguglio

On this episode of the Prodcast I’m sitting down with Laurie Marguglio co-owner of Prime Cut Meats. Coming from a long line of butchers Laurie and business partner Neil Hughes opened Prime Cuts in 2007 to service the exploding Queensland restaurant scene. Offering the special cuts, the quirky cuts, the kind of cuts that chefs couldn’t get anywhere in Queensland. Laurie sounds like a New York cab driver, but he is a great guy, he’s passionate about what he does and sources the best quality products from caring, ethical farmers. Enjoy!

Episode #31

Tim Adams

Tim, like many people, landed in the hospitality industry by chance but quickly realised that coffee was more than a morning ritual. It was his passion. Tim's spirited and determined nature drove him to enter a range of national and international barista competitions where he earned several awards. Tim Adams specialty coffee places a significant emphasis on sustainability and giving back to the communities that farm the crops. Tim and his team travel the world working directly with farmers to make sure they are paid appropriately and the coffee beans they're hand-selecting are of high quality. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We have teamed up with Tim to create the Suncoast Seasonal blend. This coffee is complex, full-bodied and full of character. You can now add this to your fresh fruit & veg box, so give it a try and enjoy the Prodcast!⁠⠀

Episode #30

Chris Savva

Chris Savva with his business partner Andrew Solomon started with a fish and chip shop in Morningside in 2008 and has grown into one of Brisbane's premier wholesale and retail outlets specialising in fresh and cooked seafood products. @thefishfactory has an amazing story including being destroyed by fire 2011.⁠ Chris and his team have created a retail space that has that “market feel” like Sydney or Melbourne where the product is spilling out over the counter. They take great pride in selecting the finest seafood, sourced both locally and abroad.⁠ We chatted about everything from the local fishing families to the seasonality of your favourite species of fish. ⁠ Enjoy.⁠

Episode #29

Adam Wolfers

Adam moved to Brisbane last year as the new Head Chef of Gerard’s, thanks to his incredible experience at Est. Marque, Monopole, Yellow, but also a rich Jewish heritage from his European and Yemeni family. Traditionally Queensland’s best chefs have been snatched up by top restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, but Adam joins a growing list of chefs moving north to take advantage of the incredible produce the sunshine state has to offer. Adam took over the reins of Gerard's Bistro with a style that is completely unique, his experience, heritage, and a love of plant focused cooking to create some incredible dishes. Adam tells us some stories about his experience overseas, shares some secrets and talks about his love of local produce. Enjoy!

Episode #28

David Finlayson

This week I sat down with David Finlayson, Director of Culinary at the Howard Smith Wharves. David has worked in some incredible places, for some amazing people! From cooking South East Asian cuisine at Chin Chin in Melbourne to Classic French at Michelin Starred Pied á Terre in London, he has a world of knowledge. Now, David oversees all the restaurants in the precinct of Howard Smith Wharves and is challenging the way kitchens are run. There’s a certain stigma that comes with choosing a career in hospitality - the enormous hours, relentless demands and infamous kitchen culture, but he’s changed that for the better. I think you’ll really like this one. Enjoy!

Episode #27

Will Cowper

This episode of the Prodcast is a little different, definitely one for the chefs, and aspiring chefs out there. I sat down with the Head Chef of modern Italian, Ristorante OTTO Will Cowper. We chatted about the challenges of moving from Sydney, sourcing the best quality ingredients and running a fine dining restaurant in 2020. Will also shared some insights about the industry, challenging the traditional hospo work-life balance, creating a positive and passionate working environment, and what he loves about the industry. Enjoy!

Episode #26

Tessa Boersma

Tessa is one of the most cool, calm and collected contestants to enter the coveted Masterchef kitchen. Not only has she finished in the masterchef top 10, but she’s done it twice, two seasons in a row. We got Tessa out of bed early this week to wander the markets, chat about all things fruit & Veg, growing in Queensland and what's next for this incredible cook. We couldn’t drag her out of bed without some Masterchef gossip, Tessa gave up some great stories, secrets of the Masterchef kitchen and her top moments. This Prodcast is a can’t miss. Enjoy!

Episode #25

Lucas Becker - Grilo Protein

While eating crickets might bowl you over it is certainly nothing new, people around the world have been munching on crickets for centuries. Farming insects requires very little water, food and land which makes them an incredibly eco-friendly ingredient. I was keen to learn more about these little critters, which are gaining popularity around the world and we roped in a leading man in the industry Lucas Becker to give us the pitch report. Enjoy!

Episode #24

Michael Dalton - Fino Foods

Nothing like Sharing delicious food with friends. This episode of the Prodcast is with Michael Dalton from Fino Foods. Michael and the team at Fino take great pride in selecting the finest artisan produce, sourced both locally and abroad. We chatted sourcing products and working with the people who produce them and the people who get to enjoy them. This will give you even more respect for the food we get to enjoy.

Episode #23

Debbie Oliver - Lady Truffle

Debbie Oliver loves Truffles and Caviar, and in my opinion she is THE person to talk to when it comes to these delicacies. Did you know Australia is the 4th largest Truffle producer with over 300 farms? Well lucky for us, Debbie knows so much about this amazing Australian industry and how you can help support our amazing Truffle producers. We learnt so much from Debbie in this episode, and I'm sure you will too. Enjoy!

Episode #22

Graeme Twine - COVID Rewind

This episode of the podcast is a special one, because you get to hear from me about what it’s been like navigating the crazy COVID period. So I roped in my mate Vic who’s been involved with us throughout the journey, to try and give all of you wonderful people a window into our world. It felt weird looking back on what we’ve achieved, the challenges and the hardships we’ve faced, and the wonderful friends we’ve made along the way, but I hope you enjoy this for what it is. A raw and sometimes emotional review of what has been a crazy year. Much love to all of you, and thanks for sticking by us. Enjoy!

Episode #21

Dan Arnold - Restaurant Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold is one of the leaders in modern Australian fine dining, and his restaurant, which is aptly named Restaurant Dan Arnold, is a perfect reflection of his career. Dan’s a local Brisbane boy, and after learning his craft, he moved to work in France, and hasn’t looked back since. Did I mention he also represented Australia in the BOCUSE D’OR competition? This was a real treat to speak to such a talented man. Enjoy!

Episode #20

Stirling Howland - Balter Brewing

If you live in Queensland and haven’t heard about Balter Brewing then you either don’t like beer, or you’ve probably been living under a rock. Balter Brewing is an absolute institution on the Gold Coast, and Stirling Howland has been there from day one. We sat down at the Balter Brewing headquarters to chat about how the brand was born, the stories behind how some of the best surfers in the world got involved in brewing, and of course to sample the delicious beer they are producing. Only happy faces allowed for this one. Enjoy!⁠⠀

Episode #19

Alex Munoz Labart - Labart

Alex Labart @alex.munoz.labart has always been ahead of the curve. After making the move from Sydney with his wife, their restaurant @restaurantlabart helped turn Burleigh Heads into the dining destination that it is today. But it was his quick change to home delivery in response to COVID that cemented his place as one of my favourite chefs. Today Labart at Home is thriving and it’s all thanks to Alex and his amazing team. I really enjoyed this chat about how the pandemic has, and continues to impact the industry, but also because this is a story of people coming together to overcome some huge challenges. Enjoy!⁠

Episode #18

Michael J Fox - Fabel Food Co.

Reducing meat consumption is something that I speak with people about often but along with a lot of the population I love the taste and texture of a good piece of protein.⁠ ⁠ @Micheal Fox from Fable Food Company along with his partners @Jim Fuller and @Chris McLoghlin developed a Mushroom product that resembles pulled beef or braised beef, it looks just like meat. ⁠ ⁠ We BBQ’d some up and had a burger with cheese, coleslaw, and BBQ sauce and I have to say it was really delicious and the texture was really similar to pulled pork. Amazing.⁠ ⁠ I now call Michael my friend and that's pretty cool, Enjoy.⁠

Episode #17

Simon Gloftis - Hellenika

Simon Gloftis is a man on a mission. Whether it’s opening a string of cafe’s, starting his own University, or planning for his restaurant Hellenika’s post-COVID comeback. Did I mention that he’s a tremendous chef as well? If you don’t follow his instagram account you’re missing out on some beautiful recipes dishes. Simon’s amazing story is a classic combination of hard work and talent, and it was a real treat to hear it from the man himself. ⁠⠀ Enjoy!

Episode #16

Sam Saulwick - The Bread Social

I like to call Sam Saulwick from @TheBreadSocial the columbian bread lord, because his bread is that good. If you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, do yourself a favour as soon as you can. His team at The Bread Social create beautiful organic, sustainable baked goods and it was a real treat getting to know how the business has grown to become what it is today as well as what makes Sam’s bakery so special. Enjoy!

Episode #15

Manny Sakellarakis - 1889 Enoteca

We had a little break getting our boxes shop up and running but the Prodcast is back. Episode 15 is from one of Brisbane’s most iconic buildings. We sit down with Manny Sakellarakis. Manny with his partner Dan Clark have created one of Australia's finest Italian restaurants, 1889 Enoteca. In Italy, ‘enoteca’ means wine library. Enoteca serves up some of the best pasta in the city, paying respect to Rome. We recorded this podcast downstairs in the private dining room/cellar surrounded by wine that consists almost entirely of bottles sourced from small producers from across Italy. The wine is now available online for purchase but you’ll have to listen to find out more.

Episode #14

James Viles

This Prodcast was recorded before the Covid-19 outbreak in Australia.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ A lot can happen in a month, since we recorded this episode with James Viles so we are calling this Part 1. Biota Dining in Bowral is no longer in operation but @jamesvilesbiota has big plans which we will discuss in part 2.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We recorded this episode on the edge of the Sydney Harbour with views from the city to Sydney heads. An amazing guy with heaps of great stories, enjoy.⁠⠀

Episode #13

Tarzan from Survivor

It’s easy to tell when you come across a genuinely good person, and Tarzan from Survivor is definitely one of those people. Did I mention he also grows beautiful limes for Suncoast Fresh? You can find Tarzan’s limes at some of the best restaurants in Australia, like the Howard Smith Wharf precinct in Brisbane and Star City Casino to name a few. Tarzan is an absolute character and as a fan of both Survivor and his amazing limes it was so much fun to sit down to get to know him. I think you’ll enjoy this one!⁠⠀

Episode #12

Matt Moran

@chefmattmoran is an Aussie Icon in the culinary scene, and an all-round fantastic guy. Matt’s story reads like the quintessential Australian dream and has taken him from humble beginnings in Blacktown, to the glitz and glamour of Barangaroo. Despite facing early challenges, he found a way to succeed through hard work and perseverance. We also chat about his friendships with Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsey, and the influence these great chefs continue to have on his life. This is an episode not to miss, and it was a real treat to sit down and hear about his amazing life. ⁠⠀ Supplied by our good friends at @sydneydirectfreshproduce who are the go to people for Fruit And Veg in Sydney⁠⠀

Episode #11

Guillaume Zika

Guillaume Zika is the head Chef and opener at the amazing Burleigh Pavillion. Since day one the Pav has had a lineup around the corner and he tells me the success is due to a few things: accessibility, building the right concept and of course his beautiful menu. Guillaume has had a really interesting life and it was awesome to hear how his travels have influenced his work at the Burleigh Pavillion. ⠀ Enjoy!

Episode #10

Nick Holloway - Nu Nu

Palm Cove in far North Queensland is a hidden gem that’s at ease in its own skin, just like Nick Holloway. @nickoholloway is the head Chef at @nunurestaurant and I was lucky enough to sit down at his amazing restaurant for what I think was one of my favourite episode’s yet. In the industry, you hear a lot about the importance of authenticity, and Nick embodies what it means to be authentic. I can’t thank Nick enough for this one, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.⁠⠀

Episode #9

Peter Salleras - Fruit Forest Farm

Peter from @Fruitforestfarm is one of the most amazing tropical fruit growers in the country. We were lucky enough to take a tour of his beautiful farm before recording and I was blown away. To Peter his farm isn’t just work, it’s a lifestyle and a passion. I was honoured to speak with such a knowledgeable grower who really loves what he does. Enjoy!⁠

Episode #8

Louis Tikaram

Louis Tikaram is a rock star. He’s the head chef at the two-storey waterfront eatery, Stanley Restaurant. A Cantonese style restaurant and Brisbane’s latest addition to the Howard Smith Wharves. Louis has travelled the world and worked in some of the world’s best restaurants. His hard work has taken him from the Tweed Valley to the world stage and back again. Can’t wait to get into this one, enjoy!

Episode #7

Becky Bamboo

Becky's @big_heart_bamboo is based on the family farm at Eumundi- a pioneer farm of commercially grown bamboo in Australia. The farm grows 250 varieties of Bamboo  and wow does she know her stuff! I was absolutely blown away by the spirituality of the property. It’s amazing what this plant can do, from filtering water and helping combat climate change to being a fantastic building material and of course tasting absolutely delicious. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Enjoy!⁠

Episode #6

Matt Golinski

EP#6 - Matt Golinski is one of Australia’s best Chefs and people in my opinion, I am honoured to have him on the Prodcast. @mattgolinski has had an amazing journey on his way to the top, which has included a whole bunch of ups and downs along the way. Matt’s life is as inspirational as it gets, and it was an absolute pleasure to chat with him on this episode of the Prodcast. As always if you haven’t already done it, make sure you subscribe to the Suncoast Fresh Prodcast.

Episode #5

The Shroom Brothers

If you have ever wondered how the wonderful world of mushrooms works, from how they’re grown to why certain varieties love the Australian climate, then this is the Prodcast for you. I was lucky enough to sit down with Abel from The Shroom brothers who supply totally organic, spray free and delicious mushrooms that are really difficult to come by. Who knew that organic coffee grounds from the local cold brew company could work wonders for mushrooms. Enjoy!

Episode #4

Alanna Sapwell

This episode of the Prodcast is special because I get to introduce you to my friend @alannasapwell. Alanna is Head Chef at ARC Dining @arc_dining and Wine Bar at Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves @howardsmithwharves and has worked around the world in some pretty special places and kitchens. From her humble beginnings in Gympie, to selling jam drops from the back of her bike in Italy all the way through to running one of Brisbane’s best restaurants, Alanna’s got a great story to tell. Introducing my friend, Alanna Sapwell.

Episode #3

Matt Stone

I am so excited about this episode of the Suncoast Prodcast because I get to introduce you to GQ Chef of the year @chefmattstone straight from the @oakridgewines in the Yarra Valley. Matt started out in the industry as a kitchen hand, because it wouldn't interfere with his love of surfing. Now he’s the GQ Chef of the year and one of the leading voices in the Industry I get to call him my friend. Enjoy!⁠⠀

Episode #2

Jack Wilson Stone

There is major buzz around episode two of the prodcast. Bee on the look out for a hive of sticky entertainment that won’t sting you. Bee kind listen to us wax lyrical about bees don’t forget to tell your honey. Bee good and listen to this sticky and sweet PRODCAST.⠀ ⁠⠀ On this episode, I sit down with Jack Wilson Stone from @beeonethird and delve into the world of Bees

Episode #1

Welcome to the Suncoast Fresh Prodcast

Still hot off the press if you're a podcast fan check out Episode 1 - @bentleybilly and I in the inaugural Suncoast Fresh Prodcast.