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Floods Cause More Havoc in the Fresh Produce Industry

The February floods destroyed several crops across Queensland and New South Wales, putting immense pressure on the fresh produce supply chain, and we’ve all been feeling the heat. Now it’s flooding again, with some farmers enduring their third flood this year.

These weather conditions have and will continue to cause many issues, significantly affecting farmers, transport companies, wholesalers, you as the customer and last but not least, our community.

The last two years have been some of the hardest for farmers. Firstly, due to COVID-19 thousands of backpackers were no longer eligible to enter or work in Australia, causing colossal labour shortages.

Next, the war in Ukraine caused petrol costs to hit a record high, with gas and oil prices soaring, impacting transport companies. Then, some farmers were hit with not one, not two, but three floods. The losses for our farmers have been enormous, and after chatting with a few, some will not recover this time around.

What to expect in the coming months?

  • Prices of produce will increase as supply is sparse and the demand is high.
  • The quality of the fruit and veg will be compromised across the entire industry.
  • Crops that were due to be planted now won’t be, causing planting gaps that will affect the supply of produce for Winter.

The entire fresh produce industry is and will continue to feel this impact. So, what can we do? First, be patient and understanding, empathising with our farmer’s situation. Then, purchase what you need and don’t waste what you buy. We will continue to do our very best using all our networks to get you the high quality produce you’re used to. But please remain nimble and consider the current climate during these challenging times. We thank you for your support.

To gain more insight into the current issues arising, head to abc.net.au for the latest