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Fill Two Needs with One Deed, Order Your Produce and Juice from the Same Fruit and Veg Supplier.

More than ever, people want to know where their food is from and how it’s grown. 

Influenced through the broader societal development of eating healthier, the curiosity of food provenance is at large. Founders of the Green Cauldron Farm, James, and Katie Geralds recognised this, and have provided a place where these mass needs and wants can be met.

James and Katie studied an assortment of farming models, combining the best ideas from each, which helped craft the design of the Green Cauldron. Intending to decentralise food production, efforts are recognised through their farming workshops and sustainable farming methods.

“We’re really passionate about educating the next generation of farmers…we want to create small farms that serve local communities, and whether that means in the cities or just outside the countryside, by having this super-efficient way of farming we can actually encourage more people to farm on their smaller plots of land…and that is really what we’re trying to achieve.” Says, founder James.

Hosting farming workshops for beginners, James and Katie are passing on their knowledge at their Masterclass events, where they educate everyday people on soil health, organic farming, human-scale tools, seasonality, and nutrients. At a recent master class, they invited New Zealand micro-farmer, Jodi Roebuck, to share his love of sustainable agriculture. “We’re trying to develop efficient farming models, so, for example, a couple could grow and sell up $150, 000 worth of produce a year…we want to demonstrate how this could be a viable career, and you can make a living out of it.” Explains James.

Sustainable practices are paramount at the Green Cauldron Farm, and by mimicking nature, they’ve devised a range of natural practises in place of pesticides, sprays, and chemicals. “We grow our edible flowers, which are an integrated pest management system. So, instead of using chemicals to get rid of the pest – we attract the beneficial insects to help ward off the bad insects, and that’s all part of the Bloom Edible Flowers business we have.” Says James.

By using a human-scale approach, they’re adding the advantage of operating in smaller areas, which speaks volumes to this new idea and generation of farming. “We use human-scale tools, which means we can space everything close together, which is a lot more efficient and means we don’t have to spray and treat the soil like you would on a conventional farm…what we grow on two acres, a conventional farm would need 10 acres to grow on.” Says James.

These farming practices create better tasting produce with enhanced levels of nutrients, “You know my daughter ate a carrot and said, oh this is what a carrot is meant to taste like!” Laughed James.

Suncoast Fresh has chosen to align with the Green Cauldron Farm due to a shared love for great produce that is of the best quality. The chefs market is always looking for new ideas, and this is important to both the Green Cauldron and Suncoast. Through collaboration, unique ideas can be formed, and a range of different varieties can be grown. By distributing organic fruit and veg that tastes better and is generally better for you, we’re separating from the masses and forming new trends — positioning our fruit and veg distribution ahead of the game!