Cuban Oregano

Available: 4-6 weeks.

This succulent boasts lush, soft leaves with distinctive scalloped edges and a fragrance reminiscent of oregano with added...

Native Thyme

Available: All year round.

Native Thyme (also known as Cut-leaf Mint Bush) is a type of native mint once used as...

Native Mint

Available: All year round.

A native Australian shrub with abundant soft, green foliage emitting a refreshing menthol scent....

Curry Plant

Available: 6-8 weeks

The young shoots and leaves possess a robust, somewhat bitter aroma, reminiscent of sage, and are employed as...


Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Available: 4-6 weeks.

Pale purple-hued blossoms, accompanied by intensely fragrant green seed pods, offer a burst of flavour ideal for enhancing...



Available: 4-6 weeks.

The appealing greyish-green leaves possess a spicy aroma and flavour, blending the essences of sweet marjoram, thyme, and...