Suncoast Fresh Prodcast

Episode 36: Ben Williamson

Prodcast #36 is with Ben Williamson, Co-owner and Head Chef of the newly launched restaurant, Agnes. Most known for his 6-year stint at Gerad's Bistro, Ben has a world of knowledge when it comes to sensational food. On entering the sleek and sexy Agnes, we felt this cool and calm energy, immediately understanding why the place was booked out 6 months in advance. Ben shares the nitty-gritty of how Anges was born, a few of their creative cooking and prepping processes and how he with his team got through COVID-19 with their extremely successful pop-up bakery. Go crack open a beer or pour yourself a wine, sit down, relax and enjoy!

Episode 35: Ben Devlin

What a privilege it was to sit down with the logical Mr Devlin. He's worked with Noma in Copenhagen and Paper Daisy a little closer to home in Cabarita Beach NSW. Since then, Ben and his wife Yen have opened a little piece of paradise in Postville called Pipit. Oh, and while they were at it, they had their baby girl Penny! He has an authentic way of telling his story, which is realistic and relatable. He shares a few notable life experiences, his day-to-day life, the skill of juggling work with family, and the importance of interpersonal skills. Wow, what a Prodcast, enjoy!

Episode 34: Jake Nicolson

In episode 34, we caught up with Jake Nicolson, Executive Chef working within the Ghanem Group. Among this group, you'll find some of Brisbane's most popular restaurants. Donna Chang, Blackbird Grill & Bar, Byblos Bar & Restaurant and the Boom Boom Room, to name a few. Jake is a self-proclaimed countryman who has loved cooking from a very young age. From working in Michelin 3-star restaurant, El Bulli in Spain, to earning a spot on the panel of judges for the Delicious Produce Awards. You could say he has achieved a lot in his lifetime. We honestly could have sat there all day and listened to his wonderful stories. We think you're going to like this one, enjoy!

Episode 33: Anooska Tucker-Evans

Food Journalists go to incredible lengths to keep their anonymity, creating aliases and fake OpenTable accounts to make reservations. We’ve hidden her identity to give her a head start. Anooska was born with a foodie’s palette, as a kid, her favourite breakfast was toast with påte or soft cheese, and she fulfilled her destiny landing her dream job as food writer for the Courier Mail at 24. Anooska shares with us some secrets about what she’s looking for when she reviews a restaurant, why you shouldn’t be afraid when she walks in the door, horror stories and tips for success. This Prodcast looks at the industry from a fascinating perspective, and we think you’re going to get a few hot tips from this one. Enjoy!

Episode 32: Laurie Marguglio

On this episode of the Prodcast I’m sitting down with Laurie Marguglio co-owner of Prime Cut Meats. Coming from a long line of butchers Laurie and business partner Neil Hughes opened Prime Cuts in 2007 to service the exploding Queensland restaurant scene. Offering the special cuts, the quirky cuts, the kind of cuts that chefs couldn’t get anywhere in Queensland. Laurie sounds like a New York cab driver, but he is a great guy, he’s passionate about what he does and sources the best quality products from caring, ethical farmers. Enjoy!

Episode 31: Tim Adams

Tim, like many people, landed in the hospitality industry by chance but quickly realised that coffee was more than a morning ritual. It was his passion. Tim's spirited and determined nature drove him to enter a range of national and international barista competitions where he earned several awards. Tim Adams specialty coffee places a significant emphasis on sustainability and giving back to the communities that farm the crops. Tim and his team travel the world working directly with farmers to make sure they are paid appropriately and the coffee beans they're hand-selecting are of high quality. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We have teamed up with Tim to create the Suncoast Seasonal blend. This coffee is complex, full-bodied and full of character. You can now add this to your fresh fruit & veg box, so give it a try and enjoy the Prodcast!⁠⠀

Episode 30: Chris Savva

Chris Savva with his business partner Andrew Solomon started with a fish and chip shop in Morningside in 2008 and has grown into one of Brisbane's premier wholesale and retail outlets specialising in fresh and cooked seafood products. @thefishfactory has an amazing story including being destroyed by fire 2011.⁠ Chris and his team have created a retail space that has that “market feel” like Sydney or Melbourne where the product is spilling out over the counter. They take great pride in selecting the finest seafood, sourced both locally and abroad.⁠ We chatted about everything from the local fishing families to the seasonality of your favourite species of fish. ⁠ Enjoy.⁠

Episode 29: Adam Wolfers

Adam moved to Brisbane last year as the new Head Chef of Gerard’s, thanks to his incredible experience at Est. Marque, Monopole, Yellow, but also a rich Jewish heritage from his European and Yemeni family. Traditionally Queensland’s best chefs have been snatched up by top restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, but Adam joins a growing list of chefs moving north to take advantage of the incredible produce the sunshine state has to offer.  Adam took over the reins of Gerard's Bistro with a style that is completely unique, his experience, heritage, and a love of plant focused cooking to create some incredible dishes. Adam tells us some stories about his experience overseas, shares some secrets and talks about his love of local produce. Enjoy!

Episode 28: David Finlayson

This week I sat down with David Finlayson, Director of Culinary at the Howard Smith Wharves. David has worked in some incredible places, for some amazing people! From cooking South East Asian cuisine at Chin Chin in Melbourne to Classic French at Michelin Starred Pied á Terre in London, he has a world of knowledge. Now, David oversees all the restaurants in the precinct of Howard Smith Wharves and is challenging the way kitchens are run. There’s a certain stigma that comes with choosing a career in hospitality - the enormous hours, relentless demands and infamous kitchen culture, but he’s changed that for the better. I think you’ll really like this one. Enjoy!

Episode 27 : Will Cowper

This episode of the Prodcast is a little different, definitely one for the chefs, and aspiring chefs out there. I sat down with the Head Chef of modern Italian, Ristorante OTTO Will Cowper. We chatted about the challenges of moving from Sydney, sourcing the best quality ingredients and running a fine dining restaurant in 2020. Will also shared some insights about the industry, challenging the traditional hospo work-life balance, creating a positive and passionate working environment, and what he loves about the industry. Enjoy!

Episode 26 : Tessa Boersma

Tessa is one of the most cool, calm and collected contestants to enter the coveted Masterchef kitchen. Not only has she finished in the masterchef top 10, but she’s done it twice, two seasons in a row. We got Tessa out of bed early this week to wander the markets, chat about all things fruit & Veg, growing in Queensland and what's next for this incredible cook. We couldn’t drag her out of bed without some Masterchef gossip, Tessa gave up some great stories, secrets of the Masterchef kitchen and her top moments. This Prodcast is a can’t miss. Enjoy!

Episode 25: Lucas Becker - Grilo Protein

While eating crickets might bowl you over it is certainly nothing new, people around the world have been munching on crickets for centuries. Farming insects requires very little water, food and land which makes them an incredibly eco-friendly ingredient. I was keen to learn more about these little critters, which are gaining popularity around the world and we roped in a leading man in the industry Lucas Becker to give us the pitch report. Enjoy!

Episode 24: Michael Dalton - Fino Foods

Nothing like Sharing delicious food with friends. This episode of the Prodcast is with Michael Dalton from Fino Foods. Michael and the team at Fino take great pride in selecting the finest artisan produce, sourced both locally and abroad. We chatted sourcing products and working with the people who produce them and the people who get to enjoy them. This will give you even more respect for the food we get to enjoy.

Episode 23 : Debbie Oliver - Truffle lady

Debbie Oliver loves Truffles and Caviar, and in my opinion she is THE person to talk to when it comes to these delicacies. Did you know Australia is the 4th largest Truffle producer with over 300 farms? Well lucky for us, Debbie knows so much about this amazing Australian industry and how you can help support our amazing Truffle producers. I learnt so much from Debbie in this episode, and Im sure you will too. Enjoy!

Episode 22 : Graeme Twine - COVID Rewind

This episode of the podcast is a special one, because you get to hear from me about what it’s been like navigating the crazy COVID period. So I roped in my mate Vic who’s been involved with us throughout the journey, to try and give all of you wonderful people a window into our world. It felt weird looking back on what we’ve achieved, the challenges and the hardships we’ve faced, and the wonderful friends we’ve made along the way, but I hope you enjoy this for what it is. A raw and sometimes emotional review of what has been a crazy year. Much love to all of you, and thanks for sticking by us. Enjoy!

Episode 21 : Dan Arnold - Restaurant Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold is one of the leaders in modern Australian fine dining, and his restaurant, which is aptly named Restaurant Dan Arnold, is a perfect reflection of his career. Dan’s a local Brisbane boy, and after learning his craft, he moved to work in France, and hasn’t looked back since. Did I mention he also represented Australia in the BOCUSE D’OR competition? This was a real treat to speak to such a talented man. Enjoy!

Episode 20: Stirling Howland - Balter Brewing

If you live in Queensland and haven’t heard about Balter Brewing then you either don’t like beer, or you’ve probably been living under a rock. Balter Brewing is an absolute institution on the Gold Coast, and Stirling Howland has been there from day one. We sat down at the Balter Brewing headquarters to chat about how the brand was born, the stories behind how some of the best surfers in the world got involved in brewing, and of course to sample the delicious beer they are producing. Only happy faces allowed for this one. Enjoy!⁠⠀

Episode 19 : Alex Munoz Labart - Labart

Alex Labart @alex.munoz.labart has always been ahead of the curve. After making the move from Sydney with his wife, their restaurant @restaurantlabart helped turn Burleigh Heads into the dining destination that it is today. But it was his quick change to home delivery in response to COVID that cemented his place as one of my favourite chefs. Today Labart at Home is thriving and it’s all thanks to Alex and his amazing team. I really enjoyed this chat about how the pandemic has, and continues to impact the industry, but also because this is a story of people coming together to overcome some huge challenges. Enjoy!⁠⠀

Episode 18 : Michael J Fox - Fabel Food Co.

Reducing meat consumption is something that I speak with people about often but along with a lot of the population I love the taste and texture of a good piece of protein.⁠ ⁠ @Micheal Fox from Fable Food Company along with his partners @Jim Fuller and @Chris McLoghlin developed a Mushroom product that resembles pulled beef or braised beef, it looks just like meat. ⁠ ⁠ We BBQ’d some up and had a burger with cheese, coleslaw, and BBQ sauce and I have to say it was really delicious and the texture was really similar to pulled pork. Amazing.⁠ ⁠ I now call Michael my friend and that's pretty cool, Enjoy.⁠

Episode 17: Simon Gloftis (Hellenika)

Simon Gloftis is a man on a mission. Whether it’s opening a string of cafe’s, starting his own University, or planning for his restaurant Hellenika’s post-COVID comeback. Did I mention that he’s a tremendous chef as well? If you don’t follow his instagram account you’re missing out on some beautiful recipes dishes. Simon’s amazing story is a classic combination of hard work and talent, and it was a real treat to hear it from the man himself. ⁠⠀ Enjoy!

Episode 16 : Sam Saulwick - The Bread Social

I like to call Sam Saulwick from @TheBreadSocial the columbian bread lord, because his bread is that good. If you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, do yourself a favour as soon as you can. His team at The Bread Social create beautiful organic, sustainable baked goods and it was a real treat getting to know how the business has grown to become what it is today as well as what makes Sam’s bakery so special. Enjoy!

Episode 15 : Manny Sakellarakis 1889 Enoteca

We had a little break getting our boxes shop up and running but the Prodcast is back. Episode 15 is from one of Brisbane’s most iconic buildings. We sit down with Manny Sakellarakis. Manny with his partner Dan Clark have created one of Australia's finest Italian restaurants, 1889 Enoteca. In Italy, ‘enoteca’ means wine library. Enoteca serves up some of the best pasta in the city, paying respect to Rome. We recorded this podcast downstairs in the private dining room/cellar surrounded by wine that consists almost entirely of bottles sourced from small producers from across Italy. The wine is now available online for purchase but you’ll have to listen to find out more.

Episode 14 : James Viles

This Prodcast was recorded before the Covid-19 outbreak in Australia.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ A lot can happen in a month, since we recorded this episode with James Viles so we are calling this Part 1. Biota Dining in Bowral is no longer in operation but @jamesvilesbiota has big plans which we will discuss in part 2.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We recorded this episode on the edge of the Sydney Harbour with views from the city to Sydney heads. An amazing guy with heaps of great stories, enjoy.⁠⠀

Episode 13: Tarzan from Survivor

It’s easy to tell when you come across a genuinely good person, and Tarzan from Survivor is definitely one of those people. Did I mention he also grows beautiful limes for Suncoast Fresh? You can find Tarzan’s limes at some of the best restaurants in Australia, like the Howard Smith Wharf precinct in Brisbane and Star City Casino to name a few. Tarzan is an absolute character and as a fan of both Survivor and his amazing limes it was so much fun to sit down to get to know him. I think you’ll enjoy this one!⁠⠀

Episode 12: Matt Moran

@chefmattmoran is an Aussie Icon in the culinary scene, and an all-round fantastic guy. Matt’s story reads like the quintessential Australian dream and has taken him from humble beginnings in Blacktown, to the glitz and glamour of Barangaroo. Despite facing early challenges, he found a way to succeed through hard work and perseverance. We also chat about his friendships with Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsey, and the influence these great chefs continue to have on his life. This is an episode not to miss, and it was a real treat to sit down and hear about his amazing life. ⁠⠀ Supplied by our good friends at @sydneydirectfreshproduce who are the go to people for Fruit And Veg in Sydney⁠⠀

Episode 11: Guillaume Zika

Guillaume Zika is the head Chef and opener at the amazing Burleigh Pavillion. Since day one the Pav has had a lineup around the corner and he tells me the success is due to a few things: accessibility, building the right concept and of course his beautiful menu. Guillaume has had a really interesting life and it was awesome to hear how his travels have influenced his work at the Burleigh Pavillion. ⠀ Enjoy!

Episode 10 : Nick Holloway - Nu Nu

Palm Cove in far North Queensland is a hidden gem that’s at ease in its own skin, just like Nick Holloway. @nickoholloway is the head Chef at @nunurestaurant and I was lucky enough to sit down at his amazing restaurant for what I think was one of my favourite episode’s yet. In the industry, you hear a lot about the importance of authenticity, and Nick embodies what it means to be authentic. I can’t thank Nick enough for this one, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.⁠⠀

Episode 9: Peter Salleras - Fruit Forest Farm

Peter from @Fruitforestfarm is one of the most amazing tropical fruit growers in the country. We were lucky enough to take a tour of his beautiful farm before recording and I was blown away. To Peter his farm isn’t just work, it’s a lifestyle and a passion. I was honoured to speak with such a knowledgeable grower who really loves what he does. Enjoy!⁠

Episode 8: Louis Tikaram

Louis Tikaram is a rock star. He’s the head chef at the two-storey waterfront eatery, Stanley Restaurant. A Cantonese style restaurant and Brisbane’s latest addition to the Howard Smith Wharves. Louis has travelled the world and worked in some of the world’s best restaurants. His hard work has taken him from the Tweed Valley to the world stage and back again. Can’t wait to get into this one, enjoy!

Episode 7: Becky Bamboo

Becky's @big_heart_bamboo is based on the family farm at Eumundi- a pioneer farm of commercially grown bamboo in Australia. The farm grows 250 varieties of Bamboo 🎍 and wow does she know her stuff! I was absolutely blown away 🌬️by the spirituality of the property. It’s amazing what this plant can do, from filtering water💦 and helping combat climate change☀️ to being a fantastic building material👷‍♀️ and of course tasting absolutely delicious. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Enjoy!⁠

Episode 6: Matt Golinski

EP#6 - Matt Golinski is one of Australia’s best Chefs and people in my opinion, I am honoured to have him on the Prodcast. @mattgolinski has had an amazing journey on his way to the top, which has included a whole bunch of ups and downs along the way. Matt’s life is as inspirational as it gets, and it was an absolute pleasure to chat with him on this episode of the Prodcast. As always if you haven’t already done it, make sure you subscribe to the Suncoast Fresh Prodcast.

Episode 5: The Shroom Brothers

If you have ever wondered how the wonderful world of mushrooms works, from how they’re grown to why certain varieties love the Australian climate, then this is the Prodcast for you. I was lucky enough to sit down with Abel from The Shroom brothers who supply totally organic, spray free and delicious mushrooms that are really difficult to come by. Who knew that organic coffee grounds from the local cold brew company could work wonders for mushrooms. Enjoy!⁠⠀

Episode 4: Alanna Sapwell

This episode of the Prodcast is special because I get to introduce you to my friend @alannasapwell. Alanna is Head Chef at ARC Dining @arc_dining and Wine Bar at Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves @howardsmithwharves and has worked around the world in some pretty special places and kitchens. From her humble beginnings in Gympie, to selling jam drops from the back of her bike in Italy all the way through to running one of Brisbane’s best restaurants, Alanna’s got a great story to tell. Introducing my friend, Alanna Sapwell.

Episode 3: Matt Stone

I am so excited about this episode of the Suncoast Prodcast because I get to introduce you to GQ Chef of the year @chefmattstone straight from the @oakridgewines in the Yarra Valley. Matt started out in the industry as a kitchen hand, because it wouldn't interfere with his love of surfing. Now he’s the GQ Chef of the year and one of the leading voices in the Industry I get to call him my friend. Enjoy!⁠⠀

Episode 2: Jack Wilson Stone

There is major buzz around episode two of the prodcast. Bee on the look out for a hive of sticky entertainment that won’t sting you. Bee kind listen to us wax lyrical about bees 🐝 don’t forget to tell your honey. Bee good and listen to this sticky and sweet PRODCAST.⠀ ⁠⠀ On this episode, I sit down with Jack Wilson Stone from @beeonethird and delve into the world of Bees 🐝 ⁠

Episode 1: Welcome to the Suncoast Fresh Prodcast

Still hot off the press 🔥 if you're a podcast fan check out Episode 1 - @bentleybilly and I in the inaugural Suncoast Fresh Prodcast.