Fresh Produce Update 22/11/2017 tester

Produce Update – 22/11/2017






Cherry Tomatoes, Continental & Lebanese Cucumbers, Cos Lettue,

KP Mangoes, Oxheart Toms, Long watermelon, Spaghetti Squash, Lychee


Oyster Mushrooms: Sold by the kg, we have growers in Noosa and Northern NSW, they are in a flush at the moment and have plenty of great quality oyster mushies coming through.

Limes: Are in very good supply – all from local growers in South East Queensland

Broccoli: Local broccoli is finishing up, but warm weather in Victoria has brought crops on earlier than expected prices will continue to fall through the week.

Mangoes: NT mangoes are finishing up and delicious North Queensland KP’s will be in by the end of the week.

Kale: Green kale and Tuscan cabbage are both looking good, grown locally in the Lockyer Valley.

Aussie Grapes: Red and White grapes have begun in earnest from Emerald. Quality is very good for early season fruit. Available and in stock now!

Oxheart Toms: Fruit is finally coming in from South Australia, it is arriving backward to it is best to stay ahead  and avoid ordering on weekends if possible.

Lychee: Available and in stock now

Broad Beans: Local broad beans are in good supply, now is their peak period of supply and the best time to be using them. We also have Butter Beans and Flat Beans which have just kicked off this week, they are very tender and sweet.

Wombok: Quality is improving and the price is coming back slowly.

Watercress: Is back on in better supply this week – growers are getting on top of the pest issues they have been having.



Australian Asparagus The season is in full swing from Koo Wee Rup, prices are steady and we have fresh stock coming in most days. There is also glamorous purple asparagus available.

Beetroot: Large beets from the Lockyer valley are in good supply.

Onions: Queensland onions are now in stock from the Darling Downs.

Stone fruit: Yellow flesh peaches and white flesh nectarines are the pick of what is available. Apricots have just started and we are seeing the first plums come through as well. Cherries are improving, but all growing regions have received rain this week.

Strawberries: Stanthorpe Strawberries are getting in to full swing now, prices have eased and fruit is looking good. Victorian strawberries are having some quality issues.





Avocados: Hass avocados are up in price, Queensland / NSW season is finished and we are into Western Australian. Prices will continue to rise through the summer due to high demand until new season Queensland fruit starts in February. Bulk avos are a cheaper option – we will have some good fruit in by the end of the week.

Celeriac: Rain has caused large crop losses – time to take celeriac off the menu as the season has finished early.

Cabbage: Price is high but steady, heads are medium to large only.

Ginger: Price remains extremely high. We have juicing grade ginger available and in stock to save you $$

Heirloom toms: Fassifern Valley heirlooms are finished up for the season. Medley Mix are the substitute until next season. Large mixed heirloom toms are very short supplied as well, large kumato is the best substitute.

Washed Potatoes: Potato prices are up and down like a yoyo! Storms are making it hard for local growers to dig.

Radicchio: Supply will be very low again this week

Figs: Only hot house figs are available and supply is limited – the price is high– avoid if possible. Better quantity should be on by next week when we expect prices to start falling.

Watermelon Radish: Is extremely limited again, only dribs and drabs coming through.

Carambola: Not available – out of season

Royal Blue & Purple Congo: Growers are in a gap until after Christmas – we suggest using Desiree instead of royal blue and red foo as a sub for purple congo.

Foraged Produce:– We are back on this week, Riberries are still going this week. Get in touch with [email protected] and get yourself on the list for next week!! Pre-orders only.





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