Fresh Produce Update 21/2/2018

Produce Update – 21/02/2018




Queen Garnett Plums, Corn, Tamarillo, Persimmon 

White Flesh Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Broadleaf Rocket

Sweet Potato, Finger Limes, Achacha, White & Red Grapes, de Padron peppers



Corn: Good price great quality, coming from VIC.

Stone fruit: Yellow flesh peaches are spectacular, flavour is rich and sweet. Queen Garnett plums are also superb, the flesh is deep red. Now is the perfect time to use them, and we are on to NZ apricots but they are finishing up.

Aussie Grapes: Flame and Menindee seedless Grapes are now in their peak period of supply and prices are the lowest they will be all year – this is the time to be using them. We also have Sweet Sapphire and Currant grapes available by pre-order, check out our Instagram for more info.

Broccoli: Prices are steady; the best, dark green broccoli is coming from Victoria, where temperatures have been ok for the last couple of weeks.

Cauliflower: Price is still high on premium cauliflower, but we have a good second grade option in stock which will save you $$. Please order second grade or #2 cauli if you would like to try.

Roma Tomatoes: We have delicious Roma tomatoes in stock, they are an old saucing variety which has been developed for the food service industry. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Finger Limes: Supply is in full swing, all growing regions are currently producing good fruit. Now is their season and the best time of year to use them. It’s is also a good idea to buy a few extra while they are cheaper, as they freeze really well.

Petite Bouche: Export Fresh have a great range of Mini Veg, Herbs & Leaf Mixes available. Pre-Orders are encouraged. Order Sunday night for delivery Tuesday. Order Tuesday night for Delivery Thurs/Friday.

Edible Flowers will start again in about a months time.

Valencia Oranges: Are Australian grown and have good flavour – order “juicing oranges”, if you want to get some of these.

de Padron Peppers: We have a new grower on-board, growing fantastic de Padrons. Coming in once a week at this stage, please pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Zucchini: Prices are back and fruit is looking good



Figs: Field grown figs are in full swing – they are soft and delicious. Now is their peak season.

Sweet potato: Coming in regularly from our local grower – they are large, size matters.

Avocados: Sheppard avos now have good oil content and the flavour is just how we like it! Price is gradually coming down

Limes: Are in very good supply – all from local growers in South East Queensland.

Asparagus: We have Mexican available and prices are continuing to fall.

Please ask for “tops on” if that’s what you require as most of our local pines have the tops removed.



Please remember to leave your empty waxed produce boxes out for collection, our drivers are happy to grab them, and by re-using we can do our little bit to help the environment.



Pineapples: Prices are on the way up as the Summer glut of excess cannery fruit is finished. Good pines are hard to get – Please ask for “tops on” if that’s what you require as most of our local pines have the tops removed.

Wombok: Large, heavy heads of Wombok are extremely difficult to source. We are buying the very best available; the price is still very high, but will begin to drop later in the week.

Foraged Produce: Nick is sticking to his sustainable principles and giving the harvesting grounds some time to recover after some big swells and tides. Follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with what’s going on.

Baby Veg: Baby turnips, watermelon radish, baby zucchini, target beet, yellow and purple baby carrots are all in short supply. Crops have been heat and rain affected in all regions. We are expecting small amounts of each in by Friday, but expect orders to be cut back at this stage. 

Oranges: Navel oranges are imported and high in price. We have a premium grade Valencia in stock instead – they will have the occasional seed, but the fruit is much better than the imported navel.

Oyster Mushrooms: We are using a mix of local and market supply at the moment. Local growers are struggling with the warm weather.

Leaves: Spinach, Rocket and Mesclun are all only ok due to the heat – it is getting better each day.

We have a Broad Leaf Rocket as a great substitute at the moment as well.

Flowers: Local farm finished for a bit. Using Vic growers for the bulk of supply. Bit short guess why! It’s hot.

Fancy Lettuce: The farms in Caboolture which grow the vast majority of our lettuce were hit with heat and storms last week. They lost over 7000 cartons worth of lettuce, prices are up and lettuce supply might get shorter by then end of the week.

Herbs: There is a nation-wide shortage of Curly Parsley, Chervil and Coriander. Prices remain high this week – Chervil is particularly short, we are getting a very small amount from a local grower, expect orders to be cut back.




@suncoast_fresh lots of cool videos and updates. Look out for the story it up to date info that will be valuable

@graemetwine local and interstate produce

@wildforageaustralia the best of the local foraged products from Nick Blake

@exportfresh (Petite Bouche Instagram account) update from the farm and more

@noosaearth  Good info regarding the local farm

@pocketherbs Our micro farm, micro herbs and more

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