Fresh Produce Update 15/08/2017

Produce Update – 15/08/2017



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QLD Grown Strawberries, Zucchinis, Broccoli, Handpick beans, Capsicums, Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes, Jerusalem Artichokes, Cara Cara Ruby Navel Oranges, Noosa Earth Oyster Mushrooms,

Petite Bouche Range, Chipping Potatoes

Avocados: Hass avocados are in good supply from Queensland and Northern NSW – expect the price to start creeping up soon though.
Asian Veg: Our local grower is back on with Perilla, Asian celery is also available in small Quantities. Snake Beans and Okra are looking goof from North Queensland. Kailan from Gatton is Superb.
Citrus: Cara Cara Navels and blood oranges are beautiful! Great start to their season, enjoy them while you can!

Cucumbers: Local Continental cucumber are in good supply and quality is steady  – curly pickling cues are available for pre order by the box.

Sweet Corn: Price is back and heads a glamour, coming from Bowen.

Ginger: No issues – good supply.

Handpick Beans: Are from Gympie and Bundaberg, Growing conditions have been perfect and pricing is steady

Sweet Potato: We have growers sending from Cudgen and Bundaberg, pricing is mid-range.

Heirloom Tomatoes: From the scenic rim and looking great, we have smalls in punnets and large in 4kg trays.

Oyster Mushrooms: Noosa Earth Oyster mushrooms are in plentiful supply, stock is looking glamorous! Shroom Brothers have a good supply coming through for the Byron Bay / Northern NSW region

Petite Bouche: Seasonal Mix is a great option, ask about what’s available

Strawberries: Local Sunshine Coast Strawberries are sexy as! Eating fantastic.

Blueberries: All coming from Queensland, prices remain steady. Eating quality is great and fruit is large.

Capsicum: Great value and looking good. This is their peak period of supply for the year.


Raspberries: Fruit grown in QLD is in good supply, eating quality is great

Broccoli: Good local supply and moderately priced coming from Gympie and the Lockyer Valley.

Bulk Cherry Toms: Proving to be great value, tasting delicious – consider using bulk trays instead of punnets

Cauliflower: Good quality, pricing is steady – coming locally from Lockyer Valley.

Tomatoes: QLD season is in full swing, prices are back and in good supply! Roma tomatoes are also in good supply.

Tropicals: Custard Apple are supplying firm, allow 5-6 days to ripen so get ahead when you can. Star Fruit (Carambola) in season and eating great! Imported Mangosteen are now available as well.

Watermelon: The best fruit is coming from the Northern Territory – pricing is steady.
Zucchini: Great supply of local Gympie fruit, they are as cheap as they get!

Zucc Flowers: Female zucchini flowers are in full supply, grown locally on the Sunshine Coast
All spuds are coming out of SA and are in good supply. We also have the perfect washed chipping potato out of Victoria, available in 15kg cartons. Purple Congo are great for chipping and mashing, with the coolest rich purple colour.  Queensland season isn’t far off

Rhubarb: All coming locally from Toowoomba, rich in colour and flavour!

Wild Rocket: Supply has been tight, but we now have good Queensland grown rocket coming in regularly.


Limes: Lime growers are only picking once a week, prices have kicked up and supply is limited. We expect this shortage to last for at least a couple weeks – lemons are much better value!

Chillies: Quality of Long Red Chillies is exceptional! But supply is extremely light and prices are very high. Red Birdseye chillies are also extremely difficult to source this week and the price is up, up, up!!

Herbs: Basil and Thai Basil are very light in supply so prices will remain high  – Thyme is also expensive as a couple of local growers don’t have supply.

RV Sorrel: Our local grower has limited stock available – we are doing our best to fulfil orders. We will use pre pack sorrel from Victoria to cover shortages.

De Padron Chillies: Finished for the season.

Pineapples: Our locally grown Pines are on the smaller side this week and are difficult to source – market stock is green and not recommended.

Figs: Only hot house figs are available at the moment- the price is high– avoid if possible.



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