Fresh Produce Update 25/10/2017

Produce Update – 25/10/2017


 Aussie Asparagus, Butternut Pumpkin, Blueberries, Red Cabbage

Tuscan Cabbage, Spinach, Kailan, Yellow Peaches, Long watermelon


Australian Asparagus The season is in full swing from Koo Wee Rup –  Victoria. Purple and white asparagus are also available in limited amounts this week.

Kale: Green kale and Tuscan cabbage are both looking good, grown locally in the Lockyer Valley.

Bulk Cherry Toms: Really good value and great eating quality, however this grower will be finishing up very soon.

Broad Beans: Local broad beans are in good supply, now if their peak period of supply and the best time to be using them.

Petite Bouche: Seasonal Mix is a great option – pre-orders are essential – Sunday for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery and Tuesday for Thursday/Friday delivery.

Pumpkin: Butternut and Jap pumpkin are plentiful and well-priced – the best fruit is coming from North Queensland.

Mangoes: NT mangoes are delicious and at their best right now

Stone fruit: Yellow flesh peaches and white flesh nectarines are the pick of what is available. Apricots have just started and we are seeing the first plums come through as well.

De Padron peppers: We expect the season to run through until December, good peppers are currently in stock

Red Cabbage: Supply is good, heads are full and heavy.

Silverbeet: This is one of the local crops which has not been badly affected by weather – pricing is steady. Its an underused vege which is full of nutrients and available year round – we would love to see it on some more menus!



Blueberries: All coming from Queensland, prices remain steady. Eating quality is great and fruit is large.

Mesclun, Spinach and Rocket: Leaves are all in good supply and quality is A1.

Onions: Queensland onion season has started, we are sticking with South Australian onions for now, as new season onions have a high water content and aren’t ideal for cooking.

Asian Veg: Pak choi and choi sum are both in good supply. Perilla and Kang Kong are back in good supply. Large green mustard is also glamour.

Herbs: Basil is continuing to improve, all other standard lines are in good supply except for curry leaf which has been difficult to source.


Constant, heavy rain in key Queensland growing regions (Bowen, Bundaberg and South East Queensland) has caused many products to be short supplied this week – effects will be ongoing for some months as young plants have been washed away and many crops in the ground have been completely abandoned.


The worst affected crops at this stage are:

Sweet Potato



Handpick Beans




Washed Potatoes (small and large)



Limes: Prices remain high, as growers have had trouble getting out to pick.

Corn: Bowen crops have been hit with wind and rain – prices are up!

Cauliflower: Lockyer Valley is now finished supplying and Stanthorpe has been slow to start. We wil be using Victorian cauliflower this week and prices are up significantly.

Lemons: Good quality fruit is up in price – there are plenty of cheap lemons around, but they are thick skinned and fruit is breaking down quickly. The first USA lemons arrived in Brisbane this week, we may switch over to USA in the coming weeks when the Australian lemon season finishes completely.

Sweet Potato: More rain in Bundaberg has made digging for sweet potato impossible. Prices are pushing higher again this week. Very short supply.

Handpick Beans: Bundaberg and Gympie have both received lots of rain – many growers are having quality issues and prices are wayyy up.

Mulberries: Finished for the season.

Avocados: Hass avocados are up in price and Queensland / NSW season is slowly ending. As always, we will supply Australian fruit wherever possible – WA season has started well and we are now seeing that fruit come through as well.

Strawberries: Local strawbs have been smashed with rain – Stanthorpe is coming through in dribs and drabs and we are topping up with WA fruit as required. Pricing is moderate to high.

Ginger: The price is the highest we have seen in several years, order ‘juicing grade’ for a cheaper option.

Heirloom toms: Fassifern Valley heirlooms are finished up for the season. Medley Mix are the substitute until next season. Large mixed heirloom toms are very short supplied as well, large kumato is the best substitute. We expect to have South Australian Ox Heart toms by the end of the week.

Eggplant: Price has kicked up this week, on the back of rain in Bowen.

Red onions: Tasmanian season is coming to an end, we expect Queensland red onions to be available soon, but the rain will not help with quality issues.

Washed Potatoes: Growers hare having trouble getting in to their fields to dig.

Radicchio: A few smaller growers are starting to send in again, but heads are still small and quality isn’t amazing.

Figs: Only hot house figs are available at the moment and supply is limited – the price is high– avoid if possible.