Our Story

Our Story

Suncoast Fresh is an owner-operated business with a core of experienced and friendly staff who pride themselves on being produce professionals in every sense. Lots of people talk about the link between farm and table but here at Suncoast Fresh, it’s what we truly live and breathe.

Drawing from diverse backgrounds in the produce and hospitality industries, the team at Suncoast Fresh have a first-hand understanding of the demands of the commercial kitchen environment. By maintaining close links with our farms and a full-time presence in the produce markets, we consistently source the right quality, anticipate trends and stay up-to-date with changes in the industry.

We have a strong focus on sourcing the best produce, getting the best deals and keeping up to date with what’s in season, or in short supply. We consider it our privilege to share what we know with our clients and we consistently communicate through a number of channels – social media, weekly produce updates, farm tours with chefs and via this website.

We also run a number of initiatives including picking up produce from local growers as part of our delivery runs, collecting, reusing and recycling boxes and a composting program for our green waste.

What our local knowledge and experience means for you:
– Greater chance of supply when products are hard to obtain
– Getting the right product for the right customer
– Price stability, no rude shocks when it comes to your fruit & veg bill!
– Menu planning, we will work with you to develop seasonal menus so that you have continuity of supply.

We look forward to working with you and becoming your fresh produce solution!